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Coming Together

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Kinkaid School is a place where all voices of our community are actively encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences. The Kinkaid School strives to be an inclusive community, steadfastly dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence, living and learning with honesty, respect, responsibility and kindness.

Strategic Plan for Delivering on Our Mission Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2022-2025

DEI Council Purpose Statement

DEI-Council-2022-group photo

As The Kinkaid School prepares our students to lead as engaged global citizens, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council’s purpose is to foster a community grounded in equity and inclusion where diversity of thought, identities, and people are safe, respected and valued.

We provide a collaborative platform where all voices of our community, including students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni, are actively encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences.

Reporting to the Head of School, we work with the Board and the administration to support and hold our Kinkaid community accountable to collectively strengthen and purposefully advance Kinkaid’s mission.

About the Council:

2022-23 DEI Council

Head of School 
Jonathan Eades P ’24, ’25, ’28; FS

Ashraf Lakhani ’94; P ’27, ’31
Anjaly Thakkar P ’22, ’25, ’26; FS

Past Co-Chairs
Greg Looser P ’17, ’19; TR
Stacey Marshall P ’24, ’27; FS

Adrienne Adeshina P '27
Suzanne Tett Ainsworth '92; P '24
David Alviar '04
Enrique Ambrosio FS
Derek Aranda P '27, '31
Krista Babine P ’25; FS
Peter Behr P '21 '23; FS
Anthony Brissett P '21, '24
Peggy England FS
Daniel Fang P ’21, ’25
Nicole Gibson ’88; P ’18, ’22, ’26
Molly Higby P’15; FS
Elizabeth Holloway P ’25, ’25; FS
Marie Kodama '05
Stacey Marshall P ’24, ’27; FS
Jennifer Moore P '29, '31, '34, '35
Claire Osborne FS
Stephanie Ostrosky '88; P '26, '29
Carroll Roberston Ray P'99
Thanh Roettele P '12, '31, '33
Matt Rush P ’22, ’25; FS 
Roy Sanchez P ’24, ’29 '34
Charles Schwager ’83; P ’14, ’18
Mujidat Shotonwa; FS
Darryl Wilson P ’21; TR
Christian Stevenson Winn P '24, '26
Jennifer Wizel ’95; P ’24,’28, ’30
Rudy Wrabel ’03; P ’33, ’35