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Strategic Drivers for The Kinkaid School

Educational Excellence
We will prepare our students with a high-caliber, well-rounded academic experience to ensure they achieve their full potential and are prepared to succeed in their collegiate experience and beyond.

Balanced Growth
We will educate the wholly healthy child, including the mental, physical, and emotional, through a balanced curriculum that includes academics, arts and athletics while incorporating character, personal, and life skills.

Learning Environment
We will work to embrace and protect our natural campus while creating spaces, structures, and environments to facilitate our children’s learning, development, and growth. We will promote a welcoming and supportive learning environment for every student.

We will always be a school that values rigor in academics, arts, and athletics and holds our students to high standards.

We are intentional in our commitment to create an emotionally, physically, and intellectually safe campus and environment for our teachers to teach and our children to learn, explore, and to share their individuality with confidence. We seek to form a diverse community welcome to all. Consequently, The Kinkaid School administers its educational programs without regard to to color, gender expression, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

We will foster an environment where every person is accepted for their individuality and uniqueness. We are committed to engaging students in activities designed to increase their appreciation of individuals from different backgrounds. We will never encourage division or segregation of any kind - be it socioeconomic, racial, religious, or other.

Sound character
We will hold every person in our community, including our students, faculty, and staff, to a high ethical and moral standard guided by our core values.

Talent, interest, and uniqueness
We will embrace the uniqueness of every child and support their individuality to live up to their full potential. At the same time we will emphasize commonality rather than divisions.

Encouraged and nurtured
We will foster an open, healthy, and safe environment where each child feels he or she is valued, appreciated, and supported in achieving the best of his or her abilities. We will encourage freedom of thought and respectful expression.

Lead, serve, and become contributing citizens
We will produce leaders and people who will positively contribute to the wellbeing of society and other people. We will encourage diversity of thought and not impose political perspective on students or penalize students for their views.

To Kinkaid
We will value contributions to our school and encourage actions that support our mission and values. We will strive for excellence and celebrate achievement.

Our country and the global community
We will teach and embrace the understanding and action around the ideals, work ethic, history, systems, and dreams that define America; preparing our students to be a part of something bigger than our school and community. Simultaneously we will teach and celebrate global cultures.