School Store 2021-2022 

2021-2022 Books & Supplies Ordering Information

School Supplies:

Lower School Supplies (& Books):

Lower School students’ supplies and textbooks are provided and will not need to be purchased through the virtual bookstore.

Middle School Supplies:

Middle School supplies are provided by the School and will be available from your student’s advisor during the opening week of school. 

Upper School Supplies:

Upper School students may purchase those items separately through the Kinkaid Store or at a local retailer.

Middle School and Upper School Textbooks:

Note: Upper School students will be able to order their textbooks starting today, July 21st. Student schedules will not be released until August 3rd, so if you are thinking about changing classes, which may have different textbooks, we recommend that you wait until the schedules have been officially released to prevent the issues of potential return. The Upper School schedules are built based upon student requests and to allow them to complete their graduation requirements, continue taking their consecutive courses, and provide classes so that the maximum number of students can obtain their first-choice course requests and to balance out class sizes. It is therefore not possible to take requests for specific sections of a course or for specific teachers. Because we built the schedules this year to ensure all students can attend in-person in each classroom, there is less flexibility to make changes. While most students obtain their requested courses, there are always students who receive their second or even third choices. Some students will have conflicts between classes that only meet at one time. 

The Dean’s Office will open on Tuesday, August 3rd if you would like to discuss your course enrollments with your Dean.


School Store Hours

The School Store is
closed for the summer and will reopen:
Monday, August 16th, 2021

School Store:

School Store Staff:

Tanya Harris

Tanya Harris

Purchasing Director and School Store Manager
Jane Mancuso

Jane Mancuso

School Store Assistant