Health & Wellness

Health Education for a New Generation

Kinkaid is committed to the health of every student, and through programming, scheduling and the building of relationships, we work to promote wellness throughout the school year in all three divisions.

Kinkaid is committed to creating a safe, welcoming and joyful place to learn where every child's well-being is important.

Director of Wellness Cheryl Mitchell


Wellness by School Level


Kinkaid WellBase

Kinkaid WellBase

About Kinkaid Wellbase:

Kinkaid Wellbase is a health and wellness resource for students and parents created by student Eshaan Mani '24.

I am so excited to share that WellBase, the wellness web resource that I created during interim term, was approved to be shared by The Kinkaid School administration!
- Eshaan Mani '24

Wellness at Kinkaid: Nuturing Mind & Body

Health Services

The Kinkaid Health Centers are staffed by a team of registered nurses who:

- Review student health information supplied by parents, using a secure online health record software system

- Assess and evaluate the health needs of students, communicating with parents regarding those needs

- Ensure immunization record compliance

- Coordinate state-required screenings

- Provide first aid and emergency care

- Administrate physician-ordered medications and over-the-counter medications authorized by the parent

- Manage health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, food allergies, ADHD and seizures

- Collaborate with parents, teachers, coaches, school counselors, administrators and health care providers to maintain students’ health and promote academic success

- Maintain emergency equipment such as AEDs, travel medical kits and disaster kits