MS technology class in "the Nest" classroom

Leveraging Learning through Technology

At The Kinkaid School, we want students to utilize technology as an essential part of their learning process so that they will be able to:

●Act as active, responsible and ethical citizens in the digital realm

Communicate thoughts and ideas using a variety of digital media

●Create and consume digital information and technology mindfully and intelligently

●Apply technology innovatively in a variety of settings and circumstances

Embedded within our vision of teaching and learning with technology are three core components:

  1. The ability to use technology to persuasively communicate their ideas via text, images, video, sound, graphs and other visuals
  2. The ability to leverage technology as active citizens of the world
  3. The experience of delving into computer science, design, engineering and fabrication to create new and novel solutions to the world’s problems

We strive to achieve these goals by using technology as an integral tool to explore all curricula, when appropriate, through regularly scheduled technology-based classes in the Lower School and the Middle School; through a number of technology electives from seventh grade through the Upper School (as well as in Interim Term); and via a variety of extracurricular activities, including robotics.

Specific Division Technology


FTC World Championship

FTC SE Texas Regional Qualifier
'14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19

VEX SE Texas Regional Qualifier
'16, '17, '18

Maker Movement

Kinkaid’s Upper School has been involved in the “maker” movement for several years, and it now offers students access to seven 3D printers along with a laser cutter, vinyl cutter and CNC mill. During the Interim Term, classes are offered in design and engineering in 2D and 3D using these tools, as well as a “tinkering” class. During the school year, students are welcome to build, cut, carve and fabricate objects of their choosing.

Middle School 1:1

Our 1:1 environment supports a student-centered approach where teachers facilitate learning, as opposed to a more traditional teacher-led lecture model. Students are given more choice and ownership in their learning, which leads to greater engagement, fulfillment and understanding.

The Launch Pad

Every class in the Lower School makes weekly visits to the Launch Pad, our specialized technology space with components to teach building, coding, wearables and production. These modules build a foundation in computer science, engineering, fabrication and design for young learners, and prepare them for self-directed learning and responsible citizenship as they grow.