Community Service

Creating Balance through Service

Kinkaid believes that community service is part of the educational development of our students. We organize and sponsor developmentally appropriate service opportunities for students in all divisions of the school, and we require that each Upper School student attend at least one Kinkaid-sponsored service project during the school year. Students may attend as many projects as they like – the current record is 28 projects in one year!

Kinkaid-facilitated projects are conducted throughout the year at times that are convenient for students, including weekends, holidays, and after school. Some of our community service projects in the past have included:

  • Building houses with Habitat for Humanity and wheelchair ramps for Texas Ramps Project
  • Working with adults and children with special needs through partnerships with Easter Seals, The Brookwood Community, Special Olympics and TUTS Theatre
  • Tutoring and mentoring children with KIPP Schools, Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Centers, Making It Better and Social Motion Skills
  • Working with the elderly at Belmont Village

Students with specific interests are also encouraged to present their service ideas to the Community Service Council, a leadership group comprised of Upper School students grades 10 through 12.