Clubs & Organizations

Encouraging Leadership & Participation

Our mix of both traditional and innovative organizations allows Kinkaid to offer students a host of opportunities for fellowship, leadership and pursuing individual interests. Our focus on leading a balanced student life emphasizes the importance of getting involved.

Here are a few of the clubs and organizations you’ll find on the Kinkaid campus:

American Field Service
Amnesty International
Arts Club
Bite of Kinkaid
Ceramics Club
E-Sports Club
Engineering Club
Health & Fitness Club
India Club
Investments Club
Knitting Club
Robotics Club
Spanish Club
Spirit of Kinkaid
Young Entrepreneurs Club
Young Liberals Club
Young Republicans Club
Youth Against Cancer


In 1974, Spirit of Kinkaid (SOK) was created with 150 members. Today, SOK is one of the largest clubs that keeps the spirit of Kinkaid alive throughout the halls of the Upper School all year long.

Culture Fest

The annual school-wide Culture Fest takes place every spring on campus. Clubs and organizations at school are assigned nations from around the world and set up a booth with great food, entertainment and cultural activities from that country.