Alumnae & Friends Luncheon


Check-in at 11am


2020 Keynote Speaker

Lisa Helfman '93
Director of Public Affairs, H-E-B
Founder and Board Chair, Brighter Bites

Lisa Helfman is the Director of Public Affairs Houston for H-E-B Grocery Company and served previously as the Director of Real Estate for them.  Prior to joining H-E-B in 2014, Lisa served as Director of Real Estate Services at Texas Children’s Hospital where she created the Real Estate Services Department in order to centralize the hospital’s real estate operations.

In the fall of 2011, Lisa and her family took part in a weekly fruit and vegetable co-op, and she watched her children’s eating habits transform—for the better. So much so that her little boy rejected a piece of cake at a birthday party, asking instead for the blueberries he’d grown fond of eating at home. Like most moms, Lisa realized this was a fairly significant decision for a six-year-old, and she wondered what kind of influence regular access to fresh produce might have on all children.

She was inspired to replicate this type of positive change in underserved communities identified as “food deserts,” or areas with limited access to grocery stores.  Because nutrition education in these communities is often equally lacking, Lisa’s vision was to bring a produce co-op to schools in these neighborhoods that included an educational component while also making it fun. She created a collaborative partnership with Dr. Shreela Sharma at the University of Texas School of Public Health, and launched the program now known as Brighter Bites in 2012.  Seven years later, Brighter Bites has delivered over 23,000,000 pounds of fresh produce and 100,000s of education materials to more than 300,000 individuals (including teachers!) across 125+ participating schools in Houston, Dallas, Austin, New York City, Washington D.C., and Southwest Florida. 


About the Luncheon

Held every two years, the Alumnae & Friends Luncheon is an opportunity for alumnae, parents, grandparents and friends to get involved, reconnect and celebrate the women of Kinkaid. Each year, an alumna is recognized for her achievements and accomplishments throughout her time at Kinkaid and career.

The 2015 keynote speaker was Lauren Bush Lauren '02 and the 2017 keynote speakers was Shannon Bristow Newsom '88.

Proceeds from the luncheon are dedicated to the Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Leadership Scholarship Endowment for Girls. This need-based financial aid scholarship will be awarded to a female sophomore student who exhibits leadership potential.

Event Chairs
Pat Kidson Fogle Cavanagh ’66
Christine Robertson Morenz ’92
Brooke Bagby O'Neil ’02

Host Committee
Hillary Holmes Archer ’95
Ellie Harter Bale ’87
Rachael Jones Berry ’03
Emily Wynne Bolin ’82
Shana Burrow
Gayl Ware Carlberg ’66
Meredith Riddle Chastang ’95
Wendie Seale Childress ’93
Carvana Hicks Cloud ’95
Julie Dehan
Viviana Denechaud
Brittany Bloom Dinerstein ’07
Tami Baird Dyer ’58
Lynn Meyer Fort ’68
Eleni Antonellos Fuller ’76
Mary Kay McFarland Gaedcke ’58
Nancy Gordon
Ashley Morgan Hanna ’93
Jessica Jacobe
Barbara Ivy Jogerst ’49
Franny Jones
Lauren Jones
Hannah Kayem
Marie Louise Kinder
Kay Lobb
Ashley Loeffler
Martha Adger Madget ’69
Carole Monday
Michel Miller Mullett ’00
Elizabeth Oxford Pagan ’89
Dolar Patolia
Hannah Brook Peskin ’93
Georgia Piazza
Barbara Moses Robertson ’65
Brooke Robertson
Laura Robertson
Susan Hillebrandt Santangelo ’55
Farrell Saunders
Phyllis Selber
Tracy Gaedcke Smith ’84
Aimee Snoots
Alex Stillwell
Giggy Martin Thanheiser ’77
Ellen Weingarten Wagnon ’79
Rebecca Fogle Warriner ’93
Kristen Weber
Christine Bain Williams ’90