Ways to Give For Faculty and Staff

There are many ways to help further the mission of The Kinkaid School through charitable contributions. Your support is important as it demonstrates to any potential donors, such as parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, alumni, and foundations, the high level of commitment our faculty and staff have to our School’s mission.


Total Faculty/Staff participation for 2020-2021 was 97%, the highest participation we’ve had since 2015. Thank you for your support of the Kinkaid Fund last year.  We are aiming for 100% this year for Faculty/Staff giving!

Earn Entry Into Our August Raffle

To get the Kinkaid Fund off to a great start, we are making a special effort to secure Faculty and Staff gifts and pledges by Monday, August 23.  Once you have made a commitment, we will enter your name into our drawing for a Pappa's $100 gift card.  We will select 10 winners, each of whom will receive one card.  Thank you in advance for participating!