Diversity Statement

Kinkaid’s mission is “to promote educational excellence, personal responsibility, and balanced growth, and thereby to help its students discover their talents and develop their best potentials.”

Kinkaid believes that the diversity of its school community, which in simplest terms means the ways in which people are different, enhances the school’s ability to implement its mission. Education involves acknowledging and valuing what is comfortable and known and leading students to an understanding and appreciation of what is new and different. Encountering different perspectives, ideas, ways of thinking, and understandings is an essential part of this process. Through their experience with such differences students develop the ability to think critically, to make informed judgments, to imagine, to understand, and to grow. This principle is at the heart of Kinkaid’s motto, lux per scientiam, light through knowledge.

Diversity serves other mission goals of Kinkaid as well. Personal responsibility in today’s world will demand increased knowledge and respect for the rich diversity of the people and points of view in that world. The next generation of leaders must be prepared to deal effectively with rapid change, varied viewpoints, and different methods of solving problems. Helping Kinkaid students understand their connection to the world and to each other will enable them not only to achieve their highest potentials but also to serve as strong and effective leaders.

Respect for diversity mirrors Kinkaid’s commitment to character education. It is the school’s goal that all students, school families, and faculty and staff feel welcome, valued, and respected at Kinkaid. The values that anchor its character education program—honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness—also characterize its attitude toward the diversity in the school community. Kinkaid expects that in the professions and communities its graduates enter as adults, they will embody these values that contribute to a global society in a positive and transforming way.

Kinkaid students benefit in other ways from diversity at school. The Houston metropolitan area (and many other parts of the United States) is undergoing dramatic demographic change. The cities in which most of today’s students will live, work, and raise families will be racially and culturally diverse. Indeed, Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country. Similarly, the professions that many of our graduates will enter will increasingly be required to serve a global community and to draw on resources from around the world to generate their best work. To compete successfully, Kinkaid students must develop a greater appreciation for such diversity.

Approved: May 10, 2005
The Kinkaid School Board of Trustees