Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote educational excellence and balanced growth in a challenging, safe, and inclusive learning environment for the benefit of intellectually capable children of a sound character whose talents, interests, and uniqueness will be encouraged and nurtured to prepare them to lead, serve, and become contributing citizens to Kinkaid, our country, and the global community.

Core Values

From its earliest days, Kinkaid has emphasized both academic excellence and character development.Founder Margaret Kinkaid described her ideal student as “the intellectually capable boy or girl of sound character whose talents, interests, and uniqueness are educational assets for other Kinkaid children.”Today’s Kinkaid values students for their potential as well as their achievement and emphasizes balanced growth – intellectual, physical, social, and ethical.

Kinkaid recognizes that the primary responsibility for instilling and strengthening values resides with parents. Nevertheless, a school can and should play an important role in character education. We have established four core values at the heart of our emphasis on character development.


Members of the Kinkaid community tell the truth and act with integrity and honor. We do not mislead, cheat, steal, or lie.


Members of the Kinkaid community affirm the intrinsic dignity of all people. We act with tolerance, courtesy, and thoughtful regard for all persons, for property, for the environment, and for ourselves.


Members of the Kinkaid community are reliable and hold themselves and other accountable for their actions. We do not make excuses, blame others, or take unwarranted credit.


Members of the Kinkaid community exhibit caring and compassionate behavior in all aspects of daily life. We are not mean, and we do not harass, nor act in a cruel manner. By our positive example, we discourage unkind behavior in others.