Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

The 2020-21 Council Members

Head of School 
Jonathan Eades P ’24, ’25, ’28; FS

Assistant Head of School 
Matt Rush P ’22, ’25; FS 

Stacey Marshall P ’24, ’27; FS
Greg Looser P ’17, ’19; TR
Carmen Amaya P ’17, ’18, ’21
Enrique Ambrosio FS                                   
Krista Babine P ’25; FS
Eric Emerson FS                               
Daniel Fang P ’21, ’25                       
Nicole N. Gibson ’88; P ’18, ’22, ’26
Aaron Girlinghouse FS                     
Elizabeth Holloway P ’25, ’25; FS
Ken Jett P ’23, ’25
Martha Kirkwood P ’19, ’24; FS                  
Ashraf Lakhani ’94; P ’31, ’27
Alicia Lee ’98
Rita Morico P ’11, ’15; FS
Mike Oldham P ’22, ’24
Lavannya R. Pandit ’92; P ’21, ’24
Alexander Papandreou P ’18, ’22, ’25
Vicki Price P ’21, ’23
Paige Poe ’14
Roy Sanchez P ’24, ’29
Charles Schwager ’83; P ’14, ’18
Anjaly Thakkar P ’22, ’25, ’26; FS
Darryl Wilson P ’21; TR                       
Jennifer C. Wizel ’95; P ’24, ’24, ’28, ’30
Rudy Wrabel ’03; P ’33                    

Thank you to the following members who completed their work on the Council this past school year:        
Chelsea Collins P ’27; FS
Pam Fullenweider P ’12, ’13, ’17; TR
Ed Trusty P ’18; FS   
FS=Faculty or Staff                

Kinkaid School Student Life Building Main Entrance Sign


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Purpose Statement

As The Kinkaid School prepares our students to lead as engaged global citizens, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council’s purpose is to foster a community grounded in equity and inclusion where diversity of thought, identities, and people are safe, respected and valued.

We provide a collaborative platform where all voices of our community, including students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni, are actively encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences.

We work with the Board and the administration to support and hold our Kinkaid community accountable to collectively strengthen and purposefully advance Kinkaid’s mission.


Contact the Council

We encourage two-way dialogue regarding the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council’s important work.  If you wish to contact the Council, please direct communication to DEICouncil@kinkaid.org. The Co-Chairs will coordinate the communication between the community and the Council.