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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The Kinkaid student enjoys a rewarding educational experience in and out of the classroom. Students have endless opportunities to participate in activities beyond their academic coursework. We have a wide variety of academic and special interest clubs, and affinity groups. Upper School students are encouraged to explore and join student-led clubs at the beginning of the academic school year.

Our clubs and organizations give the students the opportunity to enhance the quality of Student Life at Kinkaid. Most groups meet once every two weeks during the activity period.

Encouraging Leadership & Participation

Our mix of both traditional and innovative organizations allows Kinkaid to offer students a host of opportunities for fellowship, leadership and pursuing individual interests. Our focus on leading a balanced student life emphasizes the importance of getting involved.


In 1974, Spirit of Kinkaid (SOK) was created with 150 members. Today, SOK is one of the largest clubs that keeps the spirit of Kinkaid alive throughout the halls of the Upper School all year long.

History in a minute: Clubs make their mark on Kinkaid history

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Upper School Academic Teams

Participation in an academic team at Kinkaid requires preparation outside of the school day, and students must have approval from faculty and Upper School administration to join an academic team.

Student Organizations

All student clubs and groups in the Upper School and Middle School are student-driven with the support of faculty and staff and change as necessary to reflect the current interests of the student bodies of these divisions. Upper School Student Leadership are elected by the student body or nominated and selected by School leadership.