Girls Soccer

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The Kinkaid girls soccer program lives by the 3 P's: Purpose, Pace and Passion. Everyday the players and coaches work to do everything with a purpose in mind, a pace to help ourselves and those around us improve, while always remembering the passion for the sport and our teammates is what makes the experience rewarding. Players will grow as students of the game by refining their individual touches on the ball as well as their greater understanding of the game. Kinkaid girls soccer players, coaches and supporters will also demonstrate sportsmanship and class to teammates, coaches, officials, opponents and fans at all times.

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Falcons @ the Next Level

Many of our former players have gone on to successful soccer careers at the college level. Recently we have had Falcons playing at the following schools: Yale University, Louisiana State University, Rice University, Johns Hopkins University and Trinity University.



Lena Provenzano

American University



Izzy Nelson

Pepperdine University



Louise Stephens

Rice University



Aria Pearlman-Morales

Yale University



Julia Camp

Trinity University



Addie Eggleston

Louisiana State University



Elizabeth Gomez

Johns Hopkins University



Ilana Leuchtag

Denison University



Stephanie Gerow

Davidson College



Elena Semander

University of Denver

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Coaching Staff

Varsity: Angie Shotzberger

JV: Joshua Godden

8th Purple: Rory Murtaugh 

8th Gold: Brian Mandell 

7th Purple: Jessica McClain

7th Gold: Robert Martey