Girls Basketball

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The Kinkaid girls basketball program philosophy centers on five core values: hard work, the habit of excellence, failing forward, servant leadership and team work. These values permeate everything that is done, both on and off the court. Ever practice begins and ends with a huddle where these values are discussed and players learn how they will impact that day's practice. Success and winning is the by-product of consistently executing these core values.

Upcoming Games This Month

Falcons @ the Next Level

Many of our former players have gone on to successful basketball careers at the college level. Recently we have had Falcons playing at the following schools: University of Tulsa, University of Colorado and Trinity University.



Kate Petrovic

Loyola University New Orleans



Jasmine Smith

Rice University



Alexis Johnson

Indiana University



TyjaƩ Scales

University of Tulsa



Brecca Thomas

University of Colorado



Tiffani Couisnard

University of Tulsa



Clare Gerall

Trinity University



Katie Anding

Emory University



Christal Seahorn

Trinity University

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Coaching Staff

Varsity: Stacey Marshall

JV: Martayana Hyde

8th Grade Purple: Kim Kastuk

7th Grade Purple: Haley Outon

7th Grade Gold: Jackie Ciconte

SPC Championships

'55, '65, '66, '88, '07, '12, '13, '17, '18