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Boys Golf

The Kinkaid boys golf program provides student athletes the opportunity to play a game that embodies the core values of the school. As a self-regulated sport with an overriding principle of fairness and personal integrity, golf requires would-be players to develop the same values of responsibility, honest and respect that Kinkaid encourages all of the student body to model.

Upcoming Matches & Tournaments This Month

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Falcons @ the Next Level

Many of our former golfers have gone on to successful careers at the college level. Recently we have had Falcons playing at the following schools: Vanderbilt University, University of Texas at Austin, Wake Forest University and Southwestern University.



Mason Nome

The University of Texas at Austin



Cole Hammer

The University of Texas at Austin



Andrew Jacobe

Vanderbilt University



Andrew Priest

University of Texas at Austin



Andrew Winters

Wake Forest University



Christopher Paiz

Southwestern University

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