The goal of the Kinkaid baseball program is to provide opportunities allowing each student athlete to grow mentally, physically and socially. Success will be achieved when players learn to continually improve upon the aspects of the game they can control. Players must develop as individuals and then apply what is learned to a team concept. The Kinkaid coaching staff is dedicated and determined to maximize every athlete's performance. Clear communication between players and coaches is necessary and will be reinforced daily. Program philosophy includes approaching every game with class, discipline, pride and toughness. Through preparation and dedication, Kinkaid baseball teams will compete at every given opportunity and will let their performance speak for itself. Kinkaid baseball players should strive to command respect through a tireless work ethic on the field and enjoy the experience of competition, regardless of the outcome.

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Falcons @ the Next Level

Many of our former players have gone on to successful baseball careers at the college level. Recently we have had Falcons playing at the following schools: Rhodes College, Vanderbilt University, Dartmouth College, College of William & Mary and The University of Mississippi.



Wesley House

Sewanee: The University of the South



Johnathon Thomas

University of Houston



Drake Greenwood

University of Missouri



Michael Goldak

College of William & Mary



Bennett Notestine

Rhodes College



Duncan Robinson

Dartmouth College



Mike Levine

Richmond University



Connor Harrell

Vanderbilt University



Charles McKean Simmons

Rhodes College



Jeffrey Kamrath

University of Virginia



Johnny Sutton

University of Texas at Austin

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Coaching Staff

Varsity: Steve Maas

JV Purple: Jeff Malone

JV Gold: Blake MacKay

8th Grade: Roman Doss

7th Grade: John Couture

SPC Championships

'74, '79, '81, '84, '86, '00, '06, '15

Photo Galleries

vs. St. Thomas HS 3.18.17

Kinkaid played St. Thomas HS in a double header at home.

vs. St. John's School at Minute Maid Park on 3.21.16

Kinkaid won 8-2 against St. John's School at Minute Maid Park.