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Middle School Athletics

5th and 6th Grade Physical Education


In 5th and 6th grade PE, we have a 2-week sports unit separated by a 1-week lifetime activity unit. During the 2-week unit, we focus on sport-specific skill instruction and move into small-sided games. In our lifetime unit, we do things such as bowling, frisbee, yoga, etc. We ask that the students show up daily with their PE uniforms to change into, appropriate footwear, and a water bottle for proper hydration. Our goal is to promote movement, teamwork, and communication as they move through PE before entering Athletics.

7th and 8th Grade Athletics Requirements

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    All seventh-grade students will participate in a sport during all three seasons (fall/winter/spring).
  2. All eighth-grade students will participate in a sport during all three seasons unless they have obtained outside credit for one season.
  3. The Cardio class option (available during all three seasons) can be taken during one season of eighth grade only in lieu of a team sport.

Fall Teams:

Winter Teams:

Spring Teams:


The HJPC is the Houston Junior Preparatory Conference in which Kinkaid Middle School student athletes compete in fall, winter, and spring sports. The Conference members include 12 Houston schools.

Upcoming MS Athletics Important Dates: