Summer Workouts & Pre-Season Start Dates

Summer Strength & Conditioning

The goal of the Kinkaid Athletics Department is to help our student athletes enhance their physical skills by developing their strength, speed, agility and quickness. Research indicates that the development of these attributes will reduce the susceptibility of injury and improve overall athletic performance.

The Strength & Conditioning department will off a Strength & Conditioning Camp for all Kinkaid student athletes. Coaches Everett Coleman and Phil Mosley will direct athletes through a comprehensive program. The plan will include but limited to the following components: nutrition, movement preparation, pylometrics, strength training, energy system development, and regeneration.

The camp will be offered Monday through Thursday beginning May 28, 2019 through July 25, 2019. All Athletes will have OFF the week of July 4th (July 1-5). We strongly suggest that all those planning to play an interscholastic sport participate in this program.

Session I: 9:00-10:30am (Strength & Conditioning)

Session II: 10:30-12:00pm (Strength & Conditioning)

Session III: 1:00-3:45pm Middle School Camp (Rising 6th, 7th & 8th
Graders) Register on the Kinkaid Summer School Camp Website.

Workouts by Sport

Pre-Season Start Dates

US Fall Sports begin on August 5, 2019
- Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Volleyball

MS Fall Sports begin on the first day of School, August 21, 2019
*Exception: MS Football begins on August 12, 2019

US and MS Winter Sports begin on October 28, 2019
-Basketball, Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Wrestling

US and MS Spring Sports begin on February 3, 2020
-Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, Track & Field, Softball

SPC & HJPC Championship Dates

Fall HJPC Championships = The week of October 21, 2019

Fall SPC Championships (Houston) = November 7-9, 2019

Winter HJPC Championships = The week of January 27, 2020

Winter SPC Championships (Dallas) = February 13-15, 2020

Spring HJPC Championships = The week of April 20, 2020

Spring SPC Championships (Fort Worth) = April 30-May 2, 2020