SPC Sports

Southwest Preparatory Conference

The Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) is comprised of accredited, independent schools established for: its students' enjoyment; physical fitness; and instruction in skills and character; for the intrinsic worth of individual sports; and mutual benefits derived from keen competition and true sportsmanship within an educational framework. The purpose of the SPC is to provide and regulate athletic games and tournaments for boys and girls of member schools. There are 16 schools from Texas and Oklahoma which participate for championships.

SPC Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

The Southwest Preparatory Conference is proud of the behavior and sportsmanship displayed by its players, coaches and fans. The SPC values spirited and fair play, as well as spirited and positive support for players and teams. In order to ensure expected level of behavior and decorum continues each season and each game, all members of the SPC community strive to continually renew efforts to abide by league ideals.

Athletics competition in the SPC is guided by the following ideals:


Members of the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest will not tolerate at athletics contests any spectator, either student or adult, whose behavior is disrespectful toward players, officials, coaches, or other spectators. ISAS schools will not permit any type of spectator behavior that either detracts from the proper conduct of the game or disadvantages a player or team.

Any spectator who acts in a disruptive or abusive manner will cause a game to be suspended until the situation is resolved or the spectator is removed from the contest area.


1. They live clean and play hard. They play for the love of the game.
2. They win without boasting. They lose without excuses. They never quit.
3. They respect officials and accept their decisions without questions.
4. They never forget that they represent their school.

Any player that is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game will be automatically suspended for the next contest.


1. They inspire in their players a love for the game and the desire to win.
2. They teach that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly.
3. They exemplify sportsmanship and respect for officials.
4. They are the type of people they want their players to be.

A coach who is ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for the next athletic contest.


Kinkaid’s commitment to Character Education is a prominent feature of our athletics program. We expect all student athletes, their parents, and coaches to exemplify the spirit of our four core values as they both collaborate and compete in the athletic arena. Kinkaid athletics offers participants countless opportunities to manifest the School’s four core values—honesty, responsibility, respect and kindness—in their personal, athletic, academic, and other extracurricular pursuits. We expect all teams to compete honorably, with integrity and good sportsmanship, in a spirit of fair play. We also expect our fans and competing athletes to refrain from engaging in any unkind or unsportsmanlike conduct at all times.

SPC Opponent Schools

Casady School

Oklahoma City, OK

Cistercian Preparatory School

Irving, TX

Episcopal School of Dallas

Dallas, TX

Episcopal High School

Bellaire, TX

Fort Worth Country Day

Fort Worth, TX

Greenhill School

Addison, TX

Hockaday School

Dallas, TX

Houston Christian High School

Houston, TX

The John Cooper School

The Woodlands, TX

The Oakridge School

Arlington, TX

St. Andrew's Episcopal School

Austin, TX

St. John's School

Houston, TX

St. Mark's School

Dallas, TX

St. Stephen's Episcopal School

Austin, TX

Trinity Valley School

Fort Worth, TX

Athletic Directors' Cup

At the end of the school year the SPC President awards an Athletic Directors’ Cup, which is a measure of overall performance in the SPC Tournaments.

Points are awarded based on finish, i.e., one for a championship, two for second, three for third, etc.

Kinkaid has won the Athletic Directors' Cup six times over the past 10 years.