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Inside Athletics

A large majority of Kinkaid Middle School and Upper School students participate in competitive athletics. Athletics is an extension of the classroom where students learn the importance of hard work, cooperating with teammates, respecting opponents, competing with heart and learning to win or lose with dignity.

The Athletics Department has multiple components that make our student athletes stronger, healthier and better prepared for competition on and off the field. Kinkaid sponsors events to discuss topics such as positive mindsets, goal setting, how to be a supportive teammate, defining success and tools to “control the controllables.”



Helps to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate athletic injuries by providing safe, effective, high-quality care for the student athlete using appropriate modalities for restoration and recovery.


Strength & Conditioning

Promotes healthy lifestyle within the Falcon community. Healthy children make healthy adults; therefore, we encourage and disseminate scientific-based research to enhance overall health and fitness.


Mental Skills

Kinkaid partners with sport psychologists and other health experts to assist athletes in developing their mental core principles and resiliency skills.


Sports Nutrition

Kinkaid partners with renowned sports dietitian Roberta Anding to provide her expertise and guidance in sports nutrition and wellness to our student athletes, parents, and coaches.

Physical Education

The Lower School physical education program has been carefully designed to be fun and engaging, while helping students develop the knowledge, behaviors, skills and confidence to be physically active the rest of their lives. In the early grades, coaches begin with basic movement and embellish with gross and fine motor skills as students progress. Throughout the year, students visit and revisit these foundational concepts while adding and developing more advanced skills to provide further depth and understanding.

Southwest Preparatory Conference

The Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) is comprised of accredited, independent schools established for: its students' enjoyment; physical fitness; and instruction in skills and character; for the intrinsic worth of individual sports; and mutual benefits derived from keen competition and true sportsmanship within an educational framework. The purpose of the SPC is to provide and regulate athletic games and tournaments for boys and girls of member schools. There are 16 schools from Texas and Oklahoma which participate for championships.