Falcons @ the Next Level

Kinkaid is proud to celebrate our student-athletes that have achieved their goal to continue playing at the collegiate level and beyond.

Many of our former Falcons have gone on to successful careers at the following schools: University of Texas, Texas A &M University, Columbia University, Florida State University, Stanford University, Rice University, West Virginia University, Northwestern University, Princeton University, Yale University and many more.


Carlos Abello '19, Princeton University

James House '19, Dartmouth College

Cade Moulton '19, United States Air Force Academy

Stone Simmons '19, Furman University

Wyatt Young '19, Oregon State University

Wesley House '18, Sewanee: The University of the South

Johnathon Thomas '18, University of Houston

Drake Greenwood '17, University of Missouri

Michael Goldak '16, College of William & Mary

Bennett Notestine '13, Rhodes College

Duncan Robinson '12, Dartmouth College

Mike Levine '12, Richmond

Connor Harrell '09, Vanderbilt University

Carlton Dalbey Wilde, III '07, The University of Mississippi

Charles McKean Simmons '05, Rhodes College

Jeffrey Kamrath '00, University of Virginia

Johnny Sutton '79, University of Texas at Austin

George Kuhn '66, Bucknell University


Caroline Orr '16, University of Texas

Taylor J. Cowan '16, Tulane University

Hallie Wilson '16, Southern Methodist University

Katie Fikaris '14, Oklahoma University

Hannah Harrell '14, Vanderbilt University

Lizzie McGee '14, Princeton University

Mary Catherine Fondren '11, University of Texas

Morgan Beeler '10, Texas Christian University

Lauren Hogan '10, Southern Methodist University

Pamela Tyler Mitchell '90, Georgetown University

JoAnna Semander Nicolaou '84, Stephen F Austin State University

Boys Cross Country

Oscar Melendez '17, Haverford College

Girls Cross Country

Natalie Geisler '15, Trinity University

Ginny Simon Murphy '08, University of Texas

Laura Altman Prewett '02, University of Texas

Jessica Keneally '83, University of Texas - Arlington

Field Hockey

Olivia Marrus '19, University of Virginia

Katherine Berman '18, Washington & Lee University

Caroline Hanan '18, Duke University

Kaylie Mings '17, Stanford University

Emma Eggleston '15, Ohio University

Nikki Ereli '15, Sewanee University

Rachel Feig '12, Boston University

Jordan Robinson '09, Rhodes College

Elaine Thurman '09, Colgate University

Erin Atmar Beckwith '07, Rhodes College

Julie MacKay '07, Michigan State University

Haley Robinson '05, Boston University

Allison Maffitt '04, University of Louisville

Kristen Tiner Brearey '03, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Aline Brown Copp '03, Harvard University

Nancy Franklin '02, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Brooke Townsend '02, Brown University

Erin McGowan '01, University of Richmond

Lizzie Buza '99, Brown University

Lisa Hunt '99, Williams College

Stephanie Johnson '99, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Trisha Garrison Murray '99, Richmond University

Emily Townsend Prince '99, Princeton University

Courtney Wilson '99, University of Virginia

Katie Austin '98, Brown University

Angie North '98, Duke University

Shelley Johnson '93, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Michelle Smulders van de Braak '93, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Amy Cox Vitt '89, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Laura Legate Jageman '86, Haverford College

Susan Peake '79, Hollins University

Elena Semander '79, University of Denver

Susan Vail Ackerman '78, St. Lawrence University

Jennifer Tuttle Arnold '78, Hollins University

Diana Pardue '69, Centre College


Zach Daniel '19, University of Hawai'i

Nicholas Limon '19, University of Chicago

Ameer Mustafa '19, Trinity University

Joshua Williams '19, Louisiana State University

Adam Harter '18, Washington & Lee University

Marquis Hubbard '18, Columbia University

Hayden Rome '18, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pierce Johnson '17, Sewanee: The University of the South

Matt Maggi '17, Southern Methodist University

Ben Padon '17, University of Pennsylvania

Ford Young '17, Washington University in St. Louis

Rhett Cardwell '16, Rice University

Levi Wilkins '16, Southern Nazarene University

Tyler Higby '15, Michigan State University

Garrison Meeks '15, Trinity University

Sam Mays '15, University of Illinois

JT Granato '15, Rice University

J.D. Johnson '14, Rice University

Mavin Saunders '14, Florida State University

Josh Armstrong '14, Millsaps College

Thomas Dillon '14, Wake Forest University

Will Clement '14, New Mexico State University

Macan Wilson '13, Northwestern University

Matt Ellis '13, Rhodes College

Jimmy Greenwood '13, University of Texas at Austin

Sam Eggleston '12, West Virginia University

Ford Childress '12, West Virginia University & Fresno State University

Rodney Kennedy '12, Trinity University

Marshall Markham '12, Columbia University

John Ed McGee '10, Princeton University

Wells Childress '09, Texas A&M University & Columbia University

Josh Barvin '04, Carnell University

Dylan Hogarty '02, Princeton University

Ryan Devlin '99, Rice University & Brown University

Stayton Creech '95, Yale University

Drew Thomas '92, Washington & Lee University

Stuart E. Ison '88, Southern Methodist University

Tommy R. Lamme '86, Dartmouth College

Matthew Loyd Crane '77, Yale University

Stephen A. Adger '67, University of Texas at Austin

George Kuhn '66, Bucknell University

Girls Volleyball

Onuchi Ndee '19, American University

Chinaza Ndee '17, University of Pittsburgh

Lauren Reppert '15, Amherst College

Caroline Montgomery '12, Sewanee: The University of the South

Boys Basketball

William Gordon '19, Hamilton College

Josh Levy '19, Case Western Reserve University

Jae LeDee '18, The Ohio State University

Ben Padon '17, University of Pennsylvania

Brandon Charnov '16, Brown University

Jeff Roberson '14, Vanderbilt University

Stephen O'Suji '14, Houston Baptist University

Larry Wilkins, III '13, University of Texas at Dallas

Stuart Pradia '01, Brandeis University

Thomas Gorman Helland '87, Davidson College

Charles Schwager '83, Stanford University

Girls Basketball

Kate Petrovic '19, Loyola University New Orleans

Jasmine Smith '18, Rice University

Alexis Johnson '17, Indiana University

TyjaƩ Scales '15, University of Tulsa

Brecca Thomas '14, University of Colorado

Tiffani Couisnard '07, University of Tulsa

Clare Gerall '07, Trinity University

Katie Anding '03, Emory University

Christal Seahorn '95, Trinity University

Boys Soccer

Ace Nicolaou '17, Texas Lutheran University

Marcus Giannini '12, Trinity University

Edric Martinez '10, Coastal Carolina College

Aaron Poplack '01, Colby College

Thomas Alexander Woods '01, Trinity University

Philip Fox '77, Vanderbilt University

William R. Happel '70, Rollins College

Rick Bodin '68, Stanford University

Girls Soccer

Lena Provenzano '19, American University

Izzy Nelson '18, Pepperdine University

Louise Stephens '16, Rice University

Aria Pearlman-Morales '14, Yale University

Julia Camp '14, Trinity University

Elizabeth Gomez '10, Johns Hopkins University

Addie Eggleston '10, Louisiana State University

Ilana Leuchtag '09, Denison University

Stephanie Gerow '08, Davidson College

Elena Semander '79, University of Denver


Noah Chan '18, Franklin & Marshall College

Colin Lawler '18, North Carolina State University

Ben Krantz '14, Colorado College of Mines

Casey Cowan '14, United States Naval Academy

Sam Sands '13, Johns Hopkins University

Adam Arian Huber '03, Lehigh University & United States Naval Academy

Joe Looke '00, Princeton University

Joshua Couch Nichols '99, Princeton University

Clayton Hackerman '95, Stanford University

Boys Golf

Mason Nome '19, The University of Texas at Austin

Cole Hammer '18, The University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Jacobe '15, Vanderbilt University

Andrew Priest '14, University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Winters '12, Wake Forest University

Christopher Paiz '03, Southwestern University

Boys Lacrosse

Jacob Magelssen '19, Furman University

Malcolm Hedgepeth '18, Illinois Wesleyan University

Robert Reinbolt '14, Boston University

Lucas Cooper '14, Colgate University

Henry Waite '12, Washington & Lee University

Philip Turpin '11, Babson College

Byron Langford '07, Middlebury College

Connor Cook '99, Randolph-Macon College

John Harvin '99, Southern Methodist University

Timothy Wade Okabayashi '95, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Girls Lacrosse

Chloe Hunter '19, University of Pennsylvania

Mikela McCauley '19, Dartmouth College

Belle Martire '18, College of William & Mary

Georgia Arnold '15, Occidental College

Chinna O'Suji '11, Stanford University

Skylar Dabbar '10, Columbia University

Hannah Rosenthal '06, United States Military Academy

Jennifer Tuttle Arnold '78, Hollins University


Kelli Montgomery '16, University of Houston

Sydney Friday '09, Trinity University

Boys Tennis

Michael Smith '17, Southern Methodist University

Ali Jamal '15, Rhodes College

David Warren '13, Rice University

Blake Wilde '13, Sewanee: The University of the South

Win Reynolds '13, Colgate University

Nader Daylami '06, UC San Diego

Travis Fite '99, Principia College

Alfred John Harper, III '94, Washington & Lee University

Ted Erck '79, University of Texas

Frederick Rice Lummis, II '71, Vanderbilt University

Girls Tennis

Sasha Inchauste '17, West Point

Caroline White '12, Trinity University

Katherine Sullivan '12, St. Edwards University

Whitney Deason Beckworth '04, Stanford University

Boys Track & Field

Chance Allshouse '18, Rice University

Andres Melendez '18, Johns Hopkins University

Oscar Melendez '17, Haverford College

Kevin Anding '08, The University of Virginia

Jonathan Christopher Brown '03, University of Texas at Austin

Jay Cunningham '89, College of William & Mary

Robert Carter Overton, III '80, University of Texas at Austin

Girls Track & Field

Audrey Ho '19, Rice University

Madi Malouf '19, Texas A&M

Marilyn Nwora '19, The University of Texas at Austin

Nia Caldwell '18, University of Pennsylvania

Kennedy Gamble '18, Stanford University

Natalie Geisler '15, Trinity University

Raevyn Rogers '14, University of Oregon

Julia Camp '14, Trinity University

Mason Bashaw Clelland '08, The University of Notre Dame

Ginny Simon Murphy '08, University of Texas

Laura Altman Prewett '02, University of Texas

Aisha Crumbine '95, Trinity University

Christal Seahorn '95, Trinity University

Erika Green '90, Cornell University