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Writing & Journalism


Creative Writing

Kinkaid students in Creative Writing have opportunities to examine models of good writing and to compose pieces in various genres, including short stories, poetry, personal essays, memoirs, plays, and screenplays. The experience for students is enhanced by the benefit of visiting with real-world working authors.  Many students win awards and recognition of their writing through the V.A.S.E. competition.  Lastly, Kinkaid provides an evening when students will share their creative writing in front of an audience.

Creative Writing reading event with teacher Angelique Jamail


Students in this course contribute to the publication of the Kinkaidian yearbook. The yearbook is more than a treasured keepsake for students and alumni; it is a historical record. As members of the Kinkaidian staff, students document the history of the year through writing and photography to create a printed memory book reflecting the events, lives, and spirit of the people of the given school year. Students learn the elements of journalism, visual storytelling, and graphic design. Students will use platforms including Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.



Journalism-students photo

Journalism / Newspaper - The Falcon

At Kinkaid, students in journalism will write a range of stories, including news, features, opinion, sports, and entertainment. Students will learn to write for different audiences and purposes, practice revision, and create clear and meaningful stories that meet standards of accuracy, grammar, style, and journalistic ethics.  Kinkaid journalism students actively contribute to a print newspaper publication and an online newpaper publication.  Both publications are called "The Falcon" named after the mascot of The Kinkaid School.