Visual Arts & Media

The visual arts curriculum at Kinkaid is rich and diverse, building upon fundamentals and allowing students to explore multiple mediums with guidance and encouragement.

Introduction to Visual Arts

This course develops visual analysis skills and helps students build an art vocabulary through a study of the elements and principles of design. Students become familiar with art history and a variety of artists and their styles as they explore 2D and 3D projects in a variety of media.


Students begin by creating stamps and pinch pots, and go on to exploring aesthetics with timing and glazes, and eventually throwing on the wheel and learning slip decoration. Advanced students develop their own style by learning Raku, electric firing techniques, and how to fire their own pieces.

Drawing & Painting

Students work with a variety of media, including charcoal, ink, acrylic, and watercolor. After learning basic skills, students have the opportunity to develop a unified body of work with an emphasis on personal voice and expression.


Students explore film history, theory, and hands-on filmmaking. They learn narrative documentary, screenwriting, storyboarding, and editing. Advanced students delve into production in the genre of their choice.

Graphic Design

This course focuses on 2D graphic design and the discipline of visual communication. Students explore computer programs, color theory, typography, and the design process.

Mixed Media

Students use a variety of material, including collage, montage, image transfer, assemblage, and basic woodworking, to develop 2D and 3D artworks based on themes. Advanced students explore photo-based silk screening, dry point, and intaglio as they develop unique portfolios.


Emphasis is placed on “photographic seeing,” the unique properties of photographic images, and the effective use of a single-lens reflex camera. Advanced students explore alternative processes, large format cameras, toy cameras, mixed media, and photo silk-screening, all to build a more personal style.


Students are instructed in a variety of printmaking techniques such as reduction lino-cut, silkscreen, monotype, and paper lithography. Advanced students work in their preferred methods of printmaking to create a portfolio that demonstrates a clear and unique concept.


Students learn woodworking, metalworking, and casting techniques. Advanced students create independent projects that challenge them to think about sculpture as a gateway to artistic practices such as public art, installation art, and architecture.

Advanced Portfolio Development

This course emphasizes the development and production of an advanced body of work in the student’s choice of media, unified by a personal concept. Completed portfolios will be suitable for presentation to an art school or college fine arts program.

Lower School Visual Arts

Lower School Art Curriculum

The Lower School art curriculum is centered on providing authentic, choice-based artistic experiences for students of all ages. The emphasis is on creative problem solving, media exploration and personal expression.

Elementary art instruction is geared toward providing a cohesive studio foundation as well as developing the student’s artistic interests. Lower School students of all ages are encouraged to explore different types of expression through art, and they have several opportunities to work with visiting artists or to participate in master classes to develop new skills.

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Awards

In 2019, Kinkaid Upper School Visual Arts students received two "Best in Show" awards for their work in the areas of:

• Oil Painting
• Colored Pencil Drawing

Scholastic Visual Arts Awards

In 2018, Kinkaid Upper School Visual Arts students received 28 Gold & Silver Key Scholastic art awards for their work in the areas of:

• Photography
• Sculpture
• Ceramics & Glass
• Printmaking
• Jewelry

Houston Art Society Visual Arts Awards

In 2018, Kinkaid Upper & Middle School Visual Arts students received 40 Houston Art Society art awards for their work in the areas of:

• Drawing & Pastels
• Fine Craft
• Mixed Media
• Painting
• Photography
• Sculpture
• & Best in Show!

Scholastic Visual Arts Awards

In 2017, Kinkaid Upper School Visual Arts students received 25 Scholastic art awards for their work in the areas of:

• Photography
• Portfolio
• Drawing & Illustration
• Ceramics
• Painting
• Printmaking
• Mixed Media