Theatre & Dance

Head of School Jonathan Eades talks with Visual and Performing Arts Director Scott Lambert about the Kinkaid Arts program and the upcoming 2021-2022 Theatre Season


Theatre at Kinkaid is a dynamic and live art form. The school’s theatre curriculum encourages discovery through experimentation, risk-taking and the presentation of ideas to others. A wide range of courses and extracurricular activities provides students with opportunities to engage in theatre as creators, technicians, directors and performers. Production opportunities begin in the fifth grade, and specific courses in theatre begin in the seventh grade. The theatre program mounts approximately 10 formal productions a year.

Technical Theater

Technical theater opportunities at Kinkaid begin in the seventh grade and continue in the Upper School. Students learn by being active participants in the building of scenery for all productions at Kinkaid. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment give our students exposure to current theatrical lighting, sound and staging techniques.



The well-balanced curriculum exposes students to ballet, tap, modern, jazz and contemporary techniques, beginning in the seventh grade. The dance program presents at least three productions a year and encourages dancers’ participation in both the eighth grade and Upper School musicals. Students may receive either fine arts or athletic credit for dance classes.

Tommy Tune Awards

The 2020 spring production of On the Town received two Tommy Tune Nominations for:

 • Best Supporting Actor


Tommy Tune Awards

The 2019 spring production of 9 to 5 received ten Tommy Tune Nominations

 • Best Leading Actress
 • Best Featured Performer
 • Best Choreography
 • Best Direction
 • Best Musical Direction
 • Best Ensemble
 • Best Stage Crew and Technical Execution and ...

9 to 5 Musical photo

Tommy Tune Awards

The 2018 spring production of Crazy For You received multiple Tommy Tune Nominations

- Best choreography
- Best costumes
- Two students won the following scholarships:

• Ruth Denney Scholarship
• Sean Rudloph Scholarship

Tommy Tune Awards

The 2017 spring production of Into the Woods received four Tommy Tune Nominations

- Best choreography
- Best musical direction
- Best lighting
- Best tech crew execution