The Kinkaid Orchestra performs "Bittersweet Symphony" virtual concert

Enjoy the work of the sixty-four students who perform as Kinkaid's Orchestra in this wonderful virtual concert performance of BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY.

More about the Orchestra program:

The orchestra curriculum at Kinkaid is a thriving program that includes about 150 string players from the seventh grade through the twelfth grade. The program consists of three performing ensemble levels. The Middle School offers a Beginning Ensemble (first-year players in the seventh grade) and an Intermediate Ensemble (second-year players in the eighth grade). The Advanced Ensemble consists of Upper School musicians. Each level performs no less than three major concerts per year for the school community and may also participate in local or state festivals or contests.

The Kinkaid Concert Band performs "The Kinkaid Fight Song"

The Kinkaid Band virtual performance of "The Ghostbusters Theme"

More about the Band Program:

The Kinkaid band program includes focused instruction from the seventh grade through the twelfth grade. The Middle School Beginning Band is an entry-level ensemble that teaches the fundamentals of instrumental music and basic performance techniques. The Middle School Intermediate Band (second-year to third-year players) introduces elevated techniques and literature as students continue to mature at performing on their instruments. The Upper School Band is an advanced ensemble including students from the ninth grade through the twelfth grade. Each ensemble performs at least three concerts a year for the greater school community. In addition, students can participate in regional and state honor band competitions, solo and ensemble contests, concert and sight-reading competitions and a variety of festival performances.

 KInkaid Concert Choir virtual performance of "How Can I Keep From Singing"

In order to follow all of Kinkaid’s health and safety protocols during the creation of this choir video, singers recorded their vocal parts at home, lip-synced during the filming, and wore masks until filming commenced.

More About the Choir Program:

The Upper School choral program consists of two different ensembles: Concert Choir and Encore. Concert Choir welcomes singers of all levels, who focus on learning good vocal production and rehearsal techniques while preparing for two concerts each year as well as the Margaret Kinkaid Holiday Concert. Encore is an auditioned ensemble whose singers focus on a challenging repertoire and perform frequently both on and off campus.

Orchestra Awards

2020-21 Orchestra awards:

6 All-State TPSMEA Orchestra for Kinkaid Upper School orchestra students

2 All-State & 3 All-Region TMEA Orchestra for Kinkaid Upper School orchestra students

2 All-Region TMEA Orchestra for Kinkaid Middle School orchestra students

TPSMEA - Texas Private School Music Educators Association
TMEA - Texas Music Educators Association

Band Awards

2020-21 Band awards:

2 All-State & 5 All-Region Upper School students selected to TPSMEA All-State Jazz Band

TPSMEA - Texas Private School Music Educators Association

Choir Awards

2019-2020 Choir Student awards:

1 student selected to TPSMEA All-State Choir
3 students selected to TPSMEA Regional All-Girl Treble Choir
2 students selected to TPSMEA Regional Mixed Choir

TPSMEA - Texas Private School Music Educators Association

Lower School Music

Music classes in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade encompass a wide range of activities designed to develop music literacy as well as singing and instrumental skills. Elements of music are learned through rhymes, movement, songs, games, and creative play, all part of training to cultivate musical aesthetics as a performer and a listener.

As students expand on their experiences and learning in Lower School, they are encouraged to use what they have learned as a jumping-off point for their own musical exploration and creations. In addition to class activities, students have several opportunities throughout the year to perform for parents and peers.