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Developing Talent & Creativity


At Kinkaid, arts education is an integral part of the total school program and has become an essential part of the process for helping students develop their individual voices.

The arts education program encourages students to take creative risks, develop independent thought and creative problem-solving, make discriminatory judgments, cultivate tolerance and sensitivity toward others, respect the work of their fellow students and develop an authentic, original “voice.”

Theatre & Dance

Kinkaid offers studies in the dramatic arts from theater to dance.


Kinkaid offers music studies in band, choir, and orchestra.

Visual Arts & Media

Kinkaid offers visual arts studies in ceramics, film, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and more.

Writing & Journalism

Kinkaid offers studies in creative writing to journalism.

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All students have learning experiences in music, visual arts, dance, and theatre that encourage them to enjoy a lifelong commitment to the arts, value the importance of art, and develop the ability to pursue art projects independently.

We have a strong, dedicated and degreed arts faculty. Most are working artists. They focus on individuals, recognizing students with special needs and special talents, often developing original programs for them.