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Alumni Association Board 2020-21

Doug George '94, President
Lisa Crosswell Stone '83, Vice President
Alicia Lee '98, Secretary

Kent Altsuler '89
Bruce Bilger '01
Ben Brown '01
Rod Crowl '66
Courtney Domercq Daily '94
Marie Fay Evnochides '59 (Emeritus)
Eleni Antonellos Fuller '76
Nicole Nathan Gibson '88
Matt Gordon '99
Laura Byrd Herring '76
Leslie Ballard Hull '93
Melissa Lyon Johnson '74
Palmer Letzerich '90
Scott Locher '84
Ryan McCleary '91
Kenny Meyer '69
Jane Hoffert Moore '46 (Emeritus)
Michel Miller Mullett '00
Elizabeth Oxford Pagan '89
Kathy McAnelly Schwartz '79
Sandy Selber Sturm '91
Ben Whitman '92

Brian Dinerstein '95, Ex-officio
Ashley Morgan Hanna '93, Trustee Liaison
Michael Vischak, Faculty Representative

Skyler Swanson '21, Senior Representative
Hunt Tower '21, Senior Representative

KYPO Board 2020-21

Byron Langford '07, President
Julia Wood Harris '08, Vice President

Hayner Rude '06
Ellie Thompson '06
Elizabeth Robinson Kendrick '07
Rob Davis '08
Marshall Crawford '09
Hollan Hensley '09
Kenner Smith Francis '10
Jay Lee '10
William Case '11
Mary Rodman Crawford '11
Campbell Cravens '12
Millie Nishikawa '12
Hunter Hartwell '13
Emily Robinson '13
Collins Orr '14
Brenda Ruiz '14
Brooks Elias '15
Ashley McGaw '15