Affording Kinkaid

Created by founder Margaret Kinkaid, the financial aid program is a cornerstone of her vision. Today, Kinkaid offers a significant financial aid budget to assist capable, talented and deserving students who would be unable to attend without financial assistance. Our financial aid program is available to new and re-enrolling families with students in all grades, from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Each application for financial aid is reviewed in detail with the upmost confidentiality by the Financial Aid Committee.

Our financial aid program is comprised of two parts: tuition grants and incidental support. Both aspects are structured to support students and their full participation in the life of the School.

All families interested in requesting financial aid are encouraged to apply to see if they qualify for assistance.

General Financial Aid Information

The application process for financial aid at The Kinkaid School is designed to be comprehensive, transparent, and fair. Our principles are:

● All aid is based on demonstrated financial need; consequently, parents of candidates must file a confidential financial statement that includes the disclosure of tax information.

● Financial aid grants are not loans and do not need to be paid back to the School.

● Kinkaid does not grant academic, athletic, fine arts or any special interest scholarships.

● All financial aid information is held in the strictest confidence.

Deadlines for Financial Aid


For students applying for admission and current students planning to re-enroll with Kinkaid for the 2020-2021 school year, the financial aid application and supporting materials are due on January 10, 2020. Your application for Kinkaid financial aid on “SSS by NAIS” will close at midnight on January 10, 2020, and late or incomplete applications, which includes required documents, will not be accepted or considered by the committee.

Admission at Kinkaid is need-blind, so a request for financial aid has no impact on admission application(s).

The Financial Aid Process

The financial aid process consists of submitting a financial aid application and required financial documents to SSS by NAIS for review by the Financial Aid Committee.


1. The Parent’s Financial Statement. This can be completed and submitted at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) website. Kinkaid’s school code is 4416. The 2020-2021 application will be available in fall 2019.  Please enter your 2019 wage and income information and allow the application to estimate your 2019 taxes.

2. A copy of your signed 2018 federal tax return including all schedules and W-2 forms. And, a copy of your last available 2019 paycheck(s.) Please follow the instructions on the School & Student Services (SSS) website to upload the documents directly to SSS by January 10, 2020, for applicants for admission and students re-enrolling with the School. Please do not forward a paper copy of these documents directly to The Kinkaid School.

Also note:

If you own a business, you must complete the “Business/Farm Statement” on the SSS website.

All parents who are separated, are divorced, have remarried or have never been married must each separately complete the Parent’s Financial Statement and provide the required wage and tax documents.

Current families must re-apply annually for financial aid. The deadline for completing the Parent’s Financial Statement and providing the 2018 tax documents and proof of 2019 income for current Kinkaid families is January 10, 2020.

The School’s financial resources may limit both the number and size of Kinkaid’s financial aid grants. Timely application and attentiveness to the application procedures are essential. Late applications and supporting documents may not be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.

For further information or questions, contact Meredith Van Ryder, 713-243-5084.

Principles of good practice for financial aid administration

In the administration of its financial aid program, The Kinkaid School adheres to the Principles of Good Practice of N.A.I.S. member schools:


Principles of Good Practice:

  1. The school adheres to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including those that require nondiscriminatory practice in administering its financial aid policies.
  2. The school operates within the context of both short- and long-range financial aid budget and policy goals.
  3. The school uses objective research to measure the effectiveness of its progress toward its goals, and communicates the outcomes to its constituents as appropriate.
  4. The school provides clear and transparent information to families through outreach, education, and guidance on all aspects of its financial aid process and the factors that influence admission and aid eligibility.
  5. The school determines eligibility for admission without regard to a student’s application for financial aid.
  6. The school commits to providing financial aid dollars to applicants who demonstrate that their family resources are insufficient to meet all or part of the total educational costs.
  7. The school continues to provide support to students as long as they demonstrate financial need.
  8. The school maintains the same standards of behavior and academic performance for recipients of financial aid as it does for non-recipients.
  9. The school enacts documented procedures that ensure a fair, consistent, and equitable assessment of each family’s ability to contribute toward educational expenses.
  10. The school makes and communicates financial aid decisions in a manner that allows families to make timely, careful, and fully informed enrollment decisions.
  11. The school establishes administrative and accounting procedures that distinguish the school’s need-based financial aid program from tuition assistance programs that are not based on financial need.
  12. The school safeguards the confidentiality of financial aid applications, records, and decisions while respecting the right of each family to discuss its own financial aid outcomes in an appropriate manner.
  13. The school supports collaboration between the financial aid office and other offices within the school.
  14. The school supports collegial relationships with other schools and organizations for professional development, exchange of best practices, and other information sharing as appropriate.

Courtesy of National Association of Independent Schools (N.A.I.S.)

2019-20 Tuition Rates

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Upper School

Financial Aid

Kinkaid’s financial aid enables the School to:

● Enroll capable, talented and deserving students who would be unable to attend without financial assistance.

● Increase economic diversity within the student body.


Please contact:

Meredith Van Ryder
Coordinator of Financial Aid


Does Kinkaid’s Financial Aid Program offer merit-based scholarships?

No, Kinkaid’s financial aid program is strictly need-based, and decisions regarding qualification and grant amounts are determined by information contained in the family’s application and required supporting documents.

How does Kinkaid determine a family’s need for financial assistance?

The SSS by NAIS application and required supporting financial documents are utilized to provide an objective picture of a family’s finances. Use of this online process assists the school in collecting the same data and information for all applicants. SSS by NAIS and the Financial Aid Committee thoroughly examine a family’s total income, a family’s assets, family size, the number of children in schools that charge tuition (pre-kindergarten through undergraduate college/university), the average cost of living in our area, and other factors to determine a family’s ability to contribute toward tuition.

Does our family need to reapply for financial aid each year?

Yes, all families that would like to be considered for financial aid, including both families applying for admission and returning Kinkaid families, will need to reapply for financial aid and provide current required documents by the application deadline each year.

The Financial Aid Committee will consider the data presented in a family’s current application and financial documents. If a family qualified for aid previously, adjustments to aid grants may be made based on a family’s financial information in a current year.

What if there is one parent in a multi-parent household that does not work?

In order to ensure equitably in the evaluation process, the School will factor in a minimum income in a household in which all children are of school age. If there are extenuating circumstances associated with the non-employment of one parent, you must provide a detailed explanation in the “Comments” section of the SSS by NAIS application.

My family has a child or children at other tuition-charging schools. How does this affect my application?

The Kinkaid School and SSS by NAIS factor in the total number of tuitions paid by your family at pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade schools and undergraduate colleges/universities. The Financial Aid Committee does require that you apply for aid at all other schools and may seek to verify grant amounts approved by other schools in the previous or current year.

Will our family’s request for financial aid affect my child or children’s admission application?

We are extremely fortunate that admissions at The Kinkaid School are completely need-blind. The admission decision process and financial aid decision process are totally independent from one another.

How does my family proceed in the case of separation, divorce or remarriage?

In order to treat all applications for aid equitably and gain a holistic picture of a family’s ability to contribute toward tuition, the Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of all parents before making any award and will not be bound by the assertion that one parent is unwilling to pay tuition or educational expenses. Any parent with any custodial rights must file an application for financial aid and provide the required documents for a child’s application to be considered by the Committee.

If a parent has sole custody and is requesting aid, the School may request a copy of the custody agreement.

Remarriage of either parent creates a new family unit with new relationships. Information from step-parents must also be included in the financial aid application and required documents.

If my child qualifies for a tuition grant, what expenses does the financial aid program cover?

Kinkaid is fortunate to be able to provide incidental support to families that qualify for tuition grants. The specific incidentals and level of support are determined by each student’s grade level and percentage of the grant.

Incidental support will be forwarded to families each year.