Interim Term

Classes on Campus

Upper School Interim Term is a separate curriculum that runs during the first three school weeks in January. The Kinkaid Upper School faculty members design and implement a variety of course offerings and programs involving non-traditional subjects. The primary purpose is enrichment through experience, affording students the opportunity to study in areas and situations outside the regular curriculum.

International Travel (Grades 9–12)

The Interim Term program offers special travel opportunities, usually two touring trips and a home-stay program. The academic focus of each trip varies depending on the destination and the activities planned by the trip supervisors. Previous travel has included trips to locations such as China, South America, and Europe.

Career Development (Grade 12 only)

Seniors have the option during the Interim Term to explore career development. This course, which offers an individually structured, three-week internship with a business or nonprofit, provides students an opportunity to test out potential career inclinations. Through on-site, workday exposure to the world of “making a living” – coupled with related reading and research – student interns reinforce skills such as accountability, analysis, teamwork and planning.

Internships span a broad spectrum of industry. Though the majority of students remain in Houston, some participate in national or international internship opportunities.

History of Interim Term

Interim Term, perhaps one of Kinkaid’s most distinctive traditions, was co-founded by former teacher and Upper School principal Barry Moss and former business manager Bill McKinley in 1971.