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Interim Term

Interim Term is a separate curriculum that runs during the first three school weeks of January.

The primary purpose of Interim Term is enrichment through experience, affording students opportunities to study in areas and situations unavailable in the regular curriculum.

To that end, Kinkaid Upper School faculty design and implement a variety of course offerings and programs involving subjects not offered elsewhere or delving in greater depth into subjects addressed only in survey courses in the regular curriculum. Students may choose to pursue particular interests during the Interim Term. They are encouraged as well to explore new fields of study and develop new academic interests during this special term. Curricular options during Interim Term include specialized courses on campus, travel courses, and internships for seniors.

Campus Program (grades 9-12)

Kinkaid faculty offer approximately 50 different courses during Interim Term in a variety of subjects not available in the regular curriculum. Some of these courses may involve traveling off-campus to sites around the city; the School, with faculty or professional drivers, provides all transportation. While students must purchase textbooks for most courses, some classes may involve fees to cover material costs where students produce a final product that they may keep or to defray costs for special instructors or equipment brought in from outside Kinkaid.

Career Development (grade 12 only)

Kinkaid assists in setting up internships in a workplace in a field of interest to the student, such as law, medicine, journalism, research, or business. Twelfth-graders may choose to participate in an international travel trip instead; the deadline for twelfth-graders to withdraw from a trip is September 1 for most years.

Independent Study (grades 10-12)

Students may apply to engage in an independent study project part-time or full-time during Interim Term. The final deadline for these proposals is November 1. Students must apply in writing and be approved by the Head of Upper School and Interim Term Director prior to commencement of the independent study. All independent study proposals are subject to approval.

Network Schools (grades 10-12)

Kinkaid is part of a network of schools to offer an exchange program with over 20 public and independent schools in the United States and Canada. Many participating schools have specialized curricula. Host families and schools bear all costs except travel and incidentals. Kinkaid students must apply for this program and be accepted by the host school. Interested students should contact their Dean by October 1.

Travel (open to all grades, priority given by seniority)

The Interim Term program offers a variety of travel opportunities designed to offer the kind of learning that cannot be achieved in the classroom. The academic focus of each trip varies depending on the destination and the activities planned by the trip supervisors. Trips may have applications to gauge level of interest and preparedness. Students are responsible for the academic material of the trip and will receive a grade. Kinkaid students bear the costs of these experiences, including transportation, accommodations, meals, and tour guides. Please see the School Trip Policy for more information about school travel.

History of Interim Term

Interim Term, perhaps one of Kinkaid’s most distinctive traditions, was co-founded by former teacher and Upper School principal Barry Moss and former business manager Bill McKinley in 1971.