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Upper School


Upper School at Kinkaid

The Kinkaid Upper School promotes intellectual curiosity. Through successes and challenges in a mentally and creatively stimulating environment, students demonstrate a growth mindset, the ability to thoughtfully problem solve and reflect, and a desire to see the connections between their learning, their actions, and the world. The Kinkaid Upper School advocates for emotional and physical wellness within a supportive and safe community that prepares students to understand and contribute to the global community. To reach this end, the Upper School strives to foster an environment where students feel empowered to self advocate and develop their own paths.

Our Teachers

  • Encourage student independence as they manage their many commitments – academic, artistic, athletic, social, and emotional – recognizing that deep learning requires struggle, reflection, and creativity.
  • Employ a variety of pedagogical approaches emphasizing application of skills that leads to mastery of concepts and inspires connections with the outside world.
  • Dedicate themselves to ongoing development, modeling commitment to learning and growth and nurturing curiosity and a love of learning.
  • Cultivate civil discourse and develop the skills to fruitfully listen, discuss, and disagree to foster a sense of belonging for all.

Our Students

  • Investigate concepts through independent thinking and deep inquiry, learn from their mistakes, author their own solutions, and take risks for the sake of learning.
  • Thrive when engaged in authentic learning experiences, both independent and collaborative, developing agency for their learning and confidently taking action to bring their ideas into reality.
  • Evolve into more accepting, compassionate, and empathetic citizens and leaders who take responsibility for their impact on the community and seek out ways to support and build the communal experience at Kinkaid.

Our Community

  • Creates a sense of belonging through relationships rooted in our core values and celebrates and learns from each other’s ideas, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Fosters a balance between work and play, recognizing the importance of well-being and mental health.  
  • Values the students as whole people and promotes their development prioritizing both physical and intellectual safety as they grow and achieve.
  • Respects the autonomy of the student and their emerging role as decision maker.

Honor Code

Kinkaid students know they will be evaluated based on their own accomplishments and must trust that all other students are evaluated correspondingly. To assure such knowledge and trust, an Honor Council and Honor Code have been established, their primary purpose being the creation of an atmosphere of optimum learning and trust, not suspicion and fear. The Honor Code, therefore, is not a long list of regulations, but instead is a simple affirmation of our belief that “An honorable student does not lie, cheat, or steal.”


College Prep
& Beyond

Kinkaid Upper School’s curriculum provides breadth and depth within the academic classroom. In every discipline, we offer an academic range from introductory courses up to College Level (CL) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to ensure all students’ learning needs are met. Classes emphasize the development of critical thinking and college-preparatory learning skills. Our students are prepared for college as well as leaving Kinkaid as lifelong learners. In academics, students have the opportunity to investigate areas of new interest, even as they develop and sustain areas where they have particular expertise or talent.




Living the Upper School Mission