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Congratulations, Cum Laude inductees!

Congratulations, Cum Laude inductees 2022! 

Academic Excellence

The Kinkaid Upper School boasts a national reputation for academic excellence. We encourage students to focus on activities that reflect their personal interests and passions, develop a strategy for college acceptance, and prepare for life after Kinkaid. There are virtually unlimited opportunities for students to discover and develop their potential, including a challenging, varied curriculum, immersive experiences and campus life.

Enrichment & Preparation for College & Beyond

Kinkaid’s Upper School curriculum provides breadth and depth within the academic classroom. In every academic discipline, we offer a range from introductory courses up to Advanced Placement courses, including college level courses. Classes emphasize learning material and the development of higher order learning skills. Our goal is to prepare students for college as well as to develop lifelong learners.

To write, to reason, to hypothesize and to apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations are all a part of the Kinkaid education. In academics, students have the opportunity to investigate areas of new interest, even as they develop and sustain areas where they have particular expertise or talent.

The Dean System

The Dean System at Kinkaid reflects the School’s commitment to holistic counseling. Before entering the ninth grade, students are assigned to one of six Upper School deans who will stay with the student throughout the four years of high school. Our deans provide academic advising and social support. Our deans are also highly qualified to guide students through the rigors of the college application process.

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Interim Term

Beyond the formal classroom setting, we provide opportunity for independent study in areas of a student’s special interest. This includes allowing seniors to participate in internships during Interim Term.

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AP Biology Lab

Upper School AP Biology Lab