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Living the Middle School Mission

Learning Beyond The Gates

Kinkaid students learn beyond the walls of the classroom and the gates of the Kinkaid campus. Each Middle School grade level experience includes a field trip that serves to enrich student learning, build community, and open students' minds to the larger world around them. From bonding as a class at Camp Olympia in 6th grade to touring the Nation's Capital as an 8th grade leader on campus, students build lifelong memories through these engaging travel experiences.

  • Camp Olympia (6th grade)
  • Boston (7th grade)
  • Washington, D.C. (8th grade)
  • History Museum
  • Holocaust Museum


Every Child - A Student-Athlete

As part of the Kinkaid Middle School program, all 7th grade students participate in a team sport. Being a part of a team provides learning opportunities outside of the academic day.  Developing skills, working towards team goals, and daily commitment to fitness and health allows students to build confidence in themselves and develop a lifelong appreciation for being active.

  • 7th and 8th grade students play as Falcons for the first time
  • Represent Kinkaid as a team
  • Wear the Purple and Gold with pride
  • Learn athletics/fitness as a value… part of program

8th Grade Musical - A Role for All to Play

Each year, 8th grade students embark on a journey to produce the 8th grade musical. Whether they are designing the set, working the sound booth, or starring as the lead vocalist, every student has an important part to play in this time honored Middle School tradition.

  • 8th grade students work together as a group
  • Show leadership as seniors in Middle School
  • Learn about arts as an equal partner in the educational experience valued at Kinkaid


Education Through Innovation

Kinkaid Middle School students harness the powers of their own creativity in classes that promote project based learning, such as Creative Writing, Film, Yearbook, and Technology. Having access to 3-d printers, a fully-equipped makerspace, and state of the art technology allows students to become innovative thinkers and learners.

  • The Nest Makerspace
  • Creative Writing
  • Movie Making/trailers
  • Yearbook
  • 6th Grade Technology

KMS Spirit - Learn Hard/Play Hard

At the Kinkaid Middle School, students may push themselves academically in the classroom, but they also know how to have fun. Time spent playing and cultivating friendships is as important and necessary as acing a history test. As part of our daily schedule, students enjoy participating in advisory games, kickball tournaments, daily recess, and other athletic endeavors.

  • Advisory games
  • Kickball
  • Recess
  • Accolades (HJPC Championships and Athletic Awards, Academic Awards, Arts Awards, and Leadership Awards)