Middle School

Expanding the Foundation

Kinkaid Middle School expands the foundation of skills developed in the Lower School and presents a challenging core curriculum enhanced by increased extracurricular activities. Middle School students develop the tools to become independent learners as well as team players.

The focus in the Middle School is on developing skills for success in the 21st century. Using a skill- and competency-based curriculum, the Middle School promotes interdisciplinary learning through challenge and exploration. Personalized interests are cultivated through a variety of extracurricular clubs, and opportunities exist in all grades for leadership and community service.

Developing Skills for Success

Kinkaid’s Middle School includes fifth grade through eighth grade. During these years, students experience a series of physical, emotional, cognitive and social changes.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to foster growing independence during this transition from child to young adult.

Grade Levels At-A-Glance