Middle School

Middle School Science classroom photo

A Transformative Time of Growth!

At Kinkaid, our Middle School is much more than a stepping stone to Upper School—rather, it is a transformative period of growth in a young person’s life. Therefore, every aspect of the middle school experience is designed to meet the unique, developmental needs of our students while also preparing them for success in Upper School and beyond.

Upon entering Middle School, you will find a warm and nurturing atmosphere where authentic relationships among students, teachers, and coaches are prioritized and nurtured. With a small student to teacher ratio, a robust advisory program, an inclusive approach to team sports, and a wealth of clubs for students to choose from, there is no getting lost in the crowd. Every student is welcomed as a valued member of our community.

Students at Kinkaid find their passion for learning through our hands-on curriculum, state of the art facilities, and accomplished and caring faculty. On any given day, you will find our students leading Socratic seminars, testing bottle rockets on the football field, debating the roles of government during a mock Constitutional Convention, or designing prototypes using a 3-d printer in our innovative makerspace, The Nest. Our teachers are passionate about their subject matter and are encouraged to grow professionally and experiment with new approaches to learning in the classroom.

In Kinkaid Middle School, mistakes are celebrated as opportunities to grow and learn. Having a growth mindset, improving one’s organization and study habits, and becoming an advocate for one’s own learning are emphasized within our curriculum. In addition, student well-being is prioritized without sacrificing intellectual rigor through our focus on essential skills, periodic no-homework weekends, and our wellness program. When the need arises, individualized learning support is offered by one of our three in-house middle school learning and reading specialists.

Most importantly, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities our students will face within their lifetimes beyond Kinkaid. With a goal of ultimately preparing our graduates to lead in a complex, global world, we focus on developing skills in technology, research, critical thinking, STEM, and social emotional learning, with an emphasis on understanding perspectives with empathy and compassion. Additionally, students gain real-world leadership experience through participating in Student Council, our Peer Mentorship program, and on athletic teams, as well as through school-sponsored activities and clubs.

Developing Skills for Success

Kinkaid’s Middle School includes fifth grade through eighth grade. During these years, students experience a series of physical, emotional, cognitive and social changes.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to foster growing independence during this transition from child to young adult.

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