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Middle School


Middle School at Kinkaid

As an inclusive community that values kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty above all else, the Kinkaid Middle School encourages the development of the whole child, so that each individual can meet their best potential. We want all students to feel seen, heard, and valued in our classrooms. We believe great teaching relentlessly engages students, academic excellence requires a commitment to perpetual growth, and community can be our greatest strength.

Our Teachers

  • Recognize deep learning requires struggle, reflection, and creativity.
  • Support our students in managing their time, habits, and emotions.
  • Employ a variety of pedagogical approaches and emphasize application of skills that leads to mastery of concepts. 
  • Dedicate themselves to ongoing development; modeling commitment to learning and growth.

Our Students

  • Learn from mistakes and take risks for the sake of learning; investigating concepts through independent thinking and deep inquiry.
  • Thrive when engaged in authentic and collaborative learning experiences.
  • Develop agency for their learning and confidently take action to bring their ideas into reality.
  • Evolve into more compassionate and empathetic citizens and leaders.

Our Community

  • Creates a sense of belonging through relationships rooted in our core values.
  • Celebrates and learns from each other’s ideas, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Fosters a balance between work and play.
  • Emphasizes well-being and mental health and prioritizes both physical and intellectual safety.



The KMS Advisory class enables students to feel supported and valued in their daily school life. In a small group environment, students build meaningful relationships with their peers and advisor. Advisory class intentionally promotes organization, wellness, self-advocacy, teamwork, and reflection. This focus on self-management skills and social-emotional learning builds community, creates a sense of belonging, and provides tools to successfully navigate the Middle School.

Middle School Advisory Program

Grade Levels At-A-Glance



Living the Middle School Mission

Parent - Mrs. Nigro (children in and out of KMS)
Student - Fife Famuwara - Leadership
Student - (7th grade boy) - Shea Morenz
Staff - Shelia Washington
Parent - Owudunni (new last year… bringing other two over this year)
Teacher - Stephen Perrault
Parent - Mrs. Nigro (children in and out of KMS)

Mrs. Nigro, parent

"Kinkaid has been our home, the faculty has been our family and we have felt welcomed, supported and safe through all these years.
At Kinkaid my kids felt valued for the very different and special skills each has - you can be a scientist, a dancer, a singer, an actor, a painter, a debater, an athlete - you will be nurtured and supported and your voice will be heard. Kinkaid really cares about our kids’ success and offers them all they need to develop their full potential.
Our son, now a junior in college, tells us how he feels "Kinkaid was so much harder… it really showed me how to study" he learned at Kinkaid how to manage his time, how to prioritize, how to deal with stress in a healthy way. I am very thankful to every single faculty and staff at the school for that.
I know the perfect school does not exist but Kinkaid was and is the perfect school for us." 

Student - Fife Famuwara - Leadership

Fife, student

“Kinkaid Middle School gives every student a chance to experience every kind of activity or aspect of school you could think of. Unlike other middle schools, from sports to clubs, the arts, leadership roles, midterms, tutorials, and so much more, KMS had it all, which gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better, so I could narrow down my journey in high school. For me, my strength was my leadership skills, and the opportunities in middle school brought that out in me.”

Student - (7th grade boy) - Shea Morenz

Shea, student

“I love Kinkaid Middle School because I get to do a lot of different things, including band, art, and sports. I'm also excited to get to play for Kinkaid this year, and I love my teachers because they make class fun and interesting.” 

Staff - Shelia Washington

Shelia Washington, faculty

“I love the Kinkaid Middle School because students are encouraged to learn and explore, and the faculty are enthusiastic tour guides on their journey." 

Parent - Owudunni (new last year… bringing other two over this year)

Owudunni, parent

“At Kinkaid, we have found truth in advertising.  Our children joined in 6th grade and 7th grade and immediately benefited from exactly what Kinkaid promised - a comprehensive focus on academics, athletics, and the arts.

We have been struck by the intentionality and attention to detail in every arena. It’s clear to us that the school will dedicate the time and resources needed to help students take risks, grow, and thrive.” 

Teacher - Stephen Perrault

Stephen Perrault, faculty

“Kinkaid Middle School students are engaged, conscientious learners. I love that they always say ‘thank you’ at the end of class. Their engagement and appreciation inspires and motivates me.”