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College Counseling

Kinkaid prepares students for college with our rigorous academic program and rich extracurricular opportunities. Our aim is to help students prepare for the independence and challenges they will find in college.

Each student’s dean serves as a college counselor. While the dean meets individually with the student and parents throughout the four years of Upper School, college counseling begins during the second semester of a student’s junior year. During these meetings, the dean works one-on-one with the student and parents to build and refine the college list; to review college admissions, standardized testing, and financial aid requirements; and to provide advice about the essay, resume, and application.

The Deans’ Office hosts a number of events to prepare students and parents for the college application process. Evening educational programs about the Upper School experience focus on the college application process for juniors and seniors. The topic is introduced during the freshmen and sophomore programs as well.

To kick off the college application process, the Deans’ Office hosts The College Symposium each January for the Kinkaid junior class. Deans and directors of admissions from various universities are invited to campus to offer guidance with respect to the college application process. In early June, the Dean’s Office hosts a Case Study program whereby students and parents role-play as admissions officers to gain a stronger understanding of the evaluation and selection process. Kinkaid also welcomes more than 150 college representatives to campus annually to meet with our juniors and seniors.

A College Boot Camp follows the Symposium, allowing students time to work with their deans as they begin to complete their college applications.

The Deans’ Office utilizes a comprehensive college counseling software package to track student applications and analyze data about college application trends. This software allows students to research summer programs, manage timelines and deadlines, research college options, build and finalize their college list.

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Academic Advising

Serving as an advisor and counselor, the dean works closely with the student in selecting classes, and meets with the student to review grades, set goals and assist with any academic challenges. With strong skills in academic counseling, deans guide their students to become independent learners and develop self-advocacy skills.

Playing an important role for both the student and parents, the dean is the primary liaison between Kinkaid and the family. The Deans’ Office hosts evening parent meetings by grade at the start of the school year. These meetings provide parents with appropriate grade level information based on the student’s year in the Upper School.


Kinkaid is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), an organization of secondary school counselors and college admission officers. Kinkaid is also a member of the Texas Association for College Admission Counseling (TACAC) and the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS).