About the Wellness Department

What is the Wellness Department?  

The Wellness Department is in its sixth year as a department at Kinkaid. The department is a part of the Physical Education/Athletics and Wellness Department. In the first year we worked to gather data to better assess what we as a school community currently do well and where curriculum deficiencies occur. Our goal is to help our students from Pre-K through Grade 12 be emotionally, physically, and socially healthy individuals. Some of the things that the Wellness Department will do include curriculum mapping and updates, educational assemblies, and bulletin boards. Through the website, curriculum development, and various communications, we hope to provide resources for teachers, coaches, and the parent community.

Wellness Coordinators

Molly Higby: Lower School

Jennifer Haynes: Middle School

Laura Lomax-Bream: Upper School

Cheryl Mitchell: Director of Wellness

Wellness at Kinkaid

Creating and implementing a comprehensive educational program which encourages each student to reach his or her fullest potential socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

The wellness team is taking a systemic look at wellness curriculum already in place from PreK to 12th. We are continually reviewing and editing curriculum so that it is current, helpful, and in line with best practices for fostering a healthy community. Established curriculum will be maintained along with some new programming to fill in educational gaps. This is aligned with our school wide look at curriculum through curriculum mapping. 

Lower School Wellness Curriculum

Check out the Athletic Wellness Bulletin Board
KLS - Weekly Wellness Spotlight every Tuesday morning with Mrs. Higby and Mr. Roton
Calendar of Events for Lower School Physical Education Classes
September    Nutrition                    3-5 fruits and veggies a day
October        Kindness                    Boundary setting,what to do if someone is unkind
November     Sportsmanship           Learning how to be a positive, supporting teammate
December     Handwashing             Germ prevention
January        Self-Esteem               Confidence, friendships, individuality
February       Heart Awareness        Exercise, diet, stress
March           Sleep awareness        Hours,importance, surroundings
April             Healthy Skin              Sun Screen, hats, sunglasses
May              Community Service    Importance, how to volunteer, options

Middle School Wellness Curriculum

  • Ask your son or daughter about the MS Wellness Assemblies held this school year. In February Mr. Roton presented an informative assembly about concussions. In February, the theme was heart health month and the focus was on kindness and physical heart health. In May Mr. Jordan, Mrs. Haynes, and a group of middle school students presented a Wellness assembly about helmet safety. Wellness Assemblies will be held two times per year. 
  • Walk down the physical education hallway and read the Bulletin Board about the importance of good sportsmanship and staying active. 
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade parents receive monthly TALK Letters, which encourage dialogue between parents and children about relevant topics. 
  • During the third quarter in 7th grade Human Development class, the objectives included maintaining a healthy brain and the health consequences of alcohol and other drugs. The study in human development for the 2nd quarter included discussing prejudice, discrimination, efforts to combat discrimination, and studying heroes. In the third quarter we will discuss what makes an individual more resilient? What skills might allow each individual to stay drug and alcohol free?

Upper School Wellness Curriculum

Wellness Week - The Importance of Sleep, Healthy Nutrition, Stress and Stress Management, healthy relationships.
Wellness Bulletin Board in Athletic Center.
Updated, research based Decisions curriculum.
Mindful meditation. Mrs. Roberta Anding spoke to the entire Upper School regarding science based healthy eating, debunking nutrition fads.
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