Lower School Academics

 Kinkaid Lower School Blog

 The Lower School employs a multi-faceted approach to learning, teaming academic challenges with “real life” experiences for the children.  Combining multi-sensory methods to content areas allow the students to “see it, do it, and touch it.”  The units of study are project based in the prekindergarten and kindergarten, and multi-disciplinary in grades one through four. Overarching themes direct the areas of study that promote asking essential questions that generate interest and excitement in the process of determining answers. Teachers also consider student readiness levels, learning styles, and interest for their students and incorporate specific strategies that focus on needs and academic challenge.

Opportunities for learning are not limited to the classroom, and a comprehensive approach incorporates perspectives from art, music, science, global awareness and daily physical education, as well as off-campus field trips.

Character education and community service are integrated into all areas of school life from the classroom to the playground.  Whether it’s singing with senior citizens, making care packages for our troops or donating books for a children’s library effort in Africa, the students have awareness of others that goes beyond the campus walls.

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