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The philosophy of the Kinkaid Boys' Volleyball Program is built off the acronym “DARE”. A game based on the “Determination, Acceptance, Respect and Effort” of each player. 

Volleyball brings out a players determination because it is a game of errors. A game, where one mistake can change the pace and switch the momentum. At Kinkaid, we strive to create the player who can bounce back after a mistake, a player with the determination to make changes through every point for the betterment of the team.

Acceptance is a key to the program, volleyball is a TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) sport. No one individual can win a game. The lesson learned is that you must celebrate others’ victories as if they are your own, for they, in the end help you to the ultimate goal.

Respect plays off the core values of Kinkaid. In the gym and off the gym the volleyball players are influenced to show respect to their fellow teammates, opponents, referees, coaches, and fans.

Finally, effort. A key to the basics of the game. The boys should perform to the best of their abilities at all times. We have good days and bad, but to get through both days with the same effort is a challenge we stress in the gym. We strive to be able to put the best foot forward in every effort, to form the complete Kinkaid Student-Athlete.

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