Boys Tennis Program Philosophy

Tennis is a sport that teaches sportsmanship, builds character, relies on integrity, and develops resilience and independence.  It is a game that pushes players to their physical and mental limits, while allowing them to develop problem-solving and analytical skills.  Players need not only to understand their game (strengths and weaknesses), but also to evaluate their opponent’s game and adjust accordingly. 

The Kinkaid tennis program emphasizes all of these aspects of the game, while providing players with a competitive and spirited team tennis experience. With team tennis, it is the results of the team, not the individual, that determine the win-loss record and standing in the Southwest Preparatory Conference.  The program’s overarching goal is to win; however, players will not sacrifice good sportsmanship and/or fair play for that goal.  Players will enjoy wins and they will suffer losses, but will do both gracefully.

At the Middle School level, coaches select the strongest players from the 7th and 8th grades to play on the team.  Most Middle School players also have prior tennis experience and aspire to play on the varsity team in upper school.  Players in the 8th grade participate in the HJPC, which is a competitive conference at the middle school level.  The program goal is to excel in HJPC, while providing players with a fun and competitive team tennis experience.

At the Varsity level, all players have prior tennis experience.  Some have played at local tennis clubs, while others have significant experience playing in USTA junior tennis tournaments.  Regardless of position on the team, every member of the varsity team is a valued team member and will participate in matches.  Having won numerous SPC championships over the past decade, Kinkaid Varsity tennis is renowned for its high caliber of play and for its strong team spirit. 

Boys Tennis Teams

Off-Season Development
All tennis team members or potential team members are encouraged to enter USTA tournaments and continue to work on their doubles games during the off-season.
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Middle School Tennis Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide match uniforms and tennis balls used in matches and practices.

Parents will provide tennis racquet and tennis shoes. 

Varsity Tennis Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide game uniform to include shirt and skirt or shorts.  Kinkaid will also provide balls used in practices and matches.

Parents will provide practice clothes, tennis racquet and tennis shoes. 

Start/End Dates for Middle School Tennis

Practice begins February 6th.

Season concludes with the HJPC Championship.

Start/End Dates for Varsity Tennis

Preseason practice begins on January 30th.

Official season practice begins on February 13th.

Varsity season concludes with the SPC Championship in Dallas, TX, April 27-29, 2017.

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