Softball Program Philosphy and Curriculum

Middle School

Middle School softball focuses on teaching fundamental skills and basic strategies. Middle school softball should be thought of as “The Minor League”. Focus is about player-development and getting younger players prepared to play on the varsity softball team, or “The Major League”.  Skills emphasized at the introductory level are hitting, bunting, fielding ground balls, fielding pop-flies, as well as where to throw the ball in different situations. Base-running strategies will also be taught.

When players leave 8th grade, they will know how to make contact with the ball, catch a pop-fly, get a sacrifice bunt down, and throw to the correct base. Emphasis is not placed on wins and losses, but rather players properly learning the game of softball.

Consistent terminology is used throughout the softball program.  When a player hears a coach say, “we had better move the runner”, all middle school and varsity softball players will understand they need to put the ball on the ground (usually a bunt) and advance the runner to the next base.

The most important program goal is the desire for student athletes to have fun and build relationships while playing a team sport.  A secondary program goal is for players to learn the importance of competing and positive thinking.  For example, it is appropriate for a player to set a goal that no team beats Kinkaid twice or for a hitter to think, “I’m better than this pitcher and I will get a hit”.  The importance of the emotional side of softball is introduced at the middle school level.


The varsity softball program advances softball knowledge from what is taught in middle school.  Expectations will be higher, practices more intense, and there will be more emphasis on winning.  The ultimate goal is to win the SPC championship.

A program goal is to be the best offense in the SPC, which means scoring a lot of runs.  Goal attainment tactics include practicing moving runners, timely hitting, and being very aggressive on the bases.  Game strategy taught will be for players to go first to third on a bunt, and force the defense to make plays. Practices will focus on execution in order to improve game performance.  Base runners will learn to recognize a sign to be off when they see the hitter hit a ball on the ground. With a runner at third, this aggressive style of base-running will allow the team to score more runs and puts pressure on the defense. Emphasis will be on good hitting technique, as the game needs the long-ball.

The program also stresses the importance of playing good, smart, consistent defense. Practice will consist of repetition of ground balls, pop flies and performing numerous game situations.  The most important skill is a player’s ability to think quickly without hesitating. Practice will be fast-paced to simulate game situations requiring quick reactions and decision-making. Defensive practice will include infield and outfield work, catchers throwing out runners and certain special plays.

When players leave the varsity program, they will have an understanding of what it is like to play on a cohesive team and to be part of something bigger than themselves.  From participating in the Kinkaid softball program, players will gain a better appreciation for discipline, dedication, hard work and, most importantly, fun. 


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Middle School Softball Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide a jersey, pants, socks and helmet. 

Parents will provide glove and cleats.

Upper School Softball Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide a jersey, pants, socks and helmet.

Parents will provide glove and cleats.

Start/End Dates for Middle School Softball

Practice begins February 6th.

Season concludes with the HJPC Championship.

Start/End Dates for Upper School Softball

Preseason practice begins on January 30th.

Official season practice begins on February 13th.

Varsity season concludes with the SPC Championship in Ft. Worth, TX, April 27-29, 2017.

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