Cheerleading Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the Kinkaid cheerleading program is to develop the potential of each student athlete to the fullest extent in order for them to become successful not just in cheerleading, but in any endeavor, and to develop solid work habits that will lead to excellence throughout their lives. To accomplish this, focus is placed on teaching team members the value of self-discipline, confidence, persistence, and teamwork.

As both a performance and competitive team, the purpose of the Kinkaid cheerleading program is two-fold. The program’s first responsibility is to the school, because cheerleaders promote and uphold school spirit throughout the year, encourage good sportsmanship in the community, represent the school as a positive role model and leader, and improve relationships between schools at athletics events. The program’s secondary purpose is competitive, because it is important for cheerleaders to participate in competitions, in addition to cheering at games.  Competition challenges team members to focus on and excel in the more detail-oriented elements of the sport, provides them with the opportunity to see how teams on the leading-edge of the sport are performing, and gives them the chance to be evaluated by experts in their field.

The Kinkaid cheerleading program encompasses grades 7-12. At the middle school level, cheerleaders focus on the mastery of basic cheer skills including motion technique (sharpness and placement), rhythm, voice projection, crowd interaction, skill incorporation, jumps, and beginner- to intermediate-level stunts. Upon transition to the junior varsity level, a significant increase in skill expectation occurs: cheerleaders are expected to display advanced skills in cheer, chant, dance, and jumps, should perform beginner- to intermediate-level tumbling skills, and will learn to execute intermediate to advanced stunts. Cheerleaders also begin competing at regional competitions at the junior varsity level. Varsity level cheerleading engages those student athletes with elite cheer, dance, and jump skills who can also incorporate medium- to advanced-level tumbling skills into performance. Varsity cheerleaders perform advanced and elite stunts and compete at a variety of programs. At all levels, safety is at the center of everything that is taught. While student athletes are pushed to develop their skills at the highest level possible, it is done with careful consideration for the safety of every team member.

An understanding of the key roles discipline, confidence, persistence, and teamwork play in life is the most important thing student athletes will get out of participating in the Kinkaid cheer program. By developing these qualities, cheerleaders are provided the foundation needed to achieve excellence throughout their lives.



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