Wrestling Program Philosophy

The Kinkaid wrestling program is a competitive program that strives to assert itself on the city, state, and national arena.  By starting out with basic fundamentals, each wrestler is given the opportunity to define his own skills by working with a set of coaches that are committed to making the Kinkaid wrestling program one of the best.   As a sport based on individual competition, it is necessary for every student athlete to work from a high level of self-motivation.  Experienced coaches help each wrestler find gratification in hard work, dedication and perseverance.

The Middle School wrestling program offers student athletes an opportunity to explore wrestling on a city and state level of competition.  Student athletes are taught the fundamentals of each wrestling move and provided a good foundation to begin their wrestling career.  There are a diverse number of moves in wrestling, each having it’s own set of skills and techniques.  At the middle school level, the program's goal is for each athlete to be comfortable performing in his weight class and have the knowledge necessary to compete in a safe and efficient manner.

Building from the foundation provided at the Middle School level, the Upper School wrestling program introduces more technical skills to help wrestlers fine-tune their technique. Local tournaments serve as the starting point for individual achievements and team accomplishments and every wrestler is encouraged to work hard to reach state and national level tournaments.


Wrestling Teams

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Middle School Wrestling Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide singlets, headgear and warm ups.

*Parents will provide mouth guard (if child has braces) and shoes (available at Academy or online shops i.e. www.eastbay.com, www.wrestlingmart.com, www.brute.com).

Upper School Wrestling Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide singlets, one pair of workout clothes and warm ups.

Parents will provide mouth guard (if child has braces), head gear and shoes (available at Academy or online shops i.e. www.eastbay.com, www.wrestlingmart.com, www.brute.com). 

Start/End Dates for Middle School Wrestling

Practice begins October 31st.

Season concludes with the HJPC Championship.

Start/End Dates for Upper School Wrestling

Preseason practice begins on October 31st.

Official season start date is November 7th.

Season concludes with the SPC Championships, February 9-11, 2017, in Houston.

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