Girls Basketball Program Philosophy

The Kinkaid girls basketball program philosophy centers on five core values: Hard Work, The Habit of Excellence, Failing Forward, Servant Leadership and Teamwork. These values permeate everything that is done, both on and off the court.  Every practice begins and ends with a huddle where these values are discussed and players learn how they will impact that day’s practice. Success and winning is the by-product of consistently executing these core values.

Hard work derives from a consistent daily effort that challenges each player’s comfort zone. Through this repetition, players master the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and rebounding. Every practice session will embody a fast pace, high standards and innovation, with the expectation that players will be energetic and motivated.  It is the program’s belief that hard work should be inspiring, fun, and challenging.

Failing forward teaches young girls to be resilient.  Players are taught to see failure as a necessary progression towards victory.  Coaches will challenge players to change “I can’t” to “I will try”.  Players will be encouraged to try new things and take calculated risks, because great failures are often catalysts for great success.  Effort will be celebrated more than the outcome, especially when players push themselves to their greatest capacity.

Famed Greek Philosopher Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  This philosophy points to excellence being a habit. In the end, players who have donned the purple & gold will gain an understanding that their legacy will not be defined by games won or lost, but rather it will stem from the habit of excellence seen in their lives.

Players will participate in numerous discussions pertaining to leadership.  Team captains are selected annually and spend each off-season and pre-season with bi-monthly leadership meetings.  It is the program’s belief that the best leaders look to serve and not to be served and these servant leaders are instrumental to program success.

The program final core value teamwork is last, but definitely not least. Teamwork enables players to maintain synergy and chemistry, which minimizes attention bestowed upon individual team members. By embracing this concept, players bond as a unit, thus positioning the team to reap the fruits of their labor.

Kinkaid girls basketball players will learn when they welcome these five core values, they will be successful. 


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Middle School Girls Basketball Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide practice jerseys, game uniforms and game warm-up top.

Parents will provide socks and basketball shoes.

JV/Varsity Girls Basketball Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide practice uniforms, game uniforms, game warm-ups, travel backpack (varsity only) and travel bag (varsity only).

Parents will provide basketball shoes (team shoes required for varsity team) and travel warm-up (varsity only).

Start/End Dates for Middle School Girls Basketball

Practice begins October 31st.

Season concludes with the HJPC Championship.

Start/End Dates for Upper School Girls Basketball

Preseason practice begins on October 31st.

Official season start date is November 7th.

Season concludes with the SPC Championships, February 9-11, 2017, in Houston.

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