Football Program Philosophy

Kinkaid football has a genuine desire to motivate the young men within the program to become exceptional leaders of high character, to instill self-confidence through positive reinforcement, and to create an environment where exceptional effort is the norm.

Each individual student athlete’s ability to lead will be enhanced by the positive culture created on a daily basis by the coaching staff.  Players are taught that respect is a natural gift to one another and it is up to each individual to preserve this admiration. Coaches will treat each student athlete with the respect they deserve, while encouraging student athletes to do the same with one another. The ability to communicate with one another in a positive manner develops leadership skills and creates a healthy environment where student athletes will come together as a team.

Developing self-confidence begins with the coaching staff constructing an organized plan for the student athletes and communicating this plan consistently and clearly. Clear communication and a structured environment allow student athletes to focus on the task at hand and develop a sense of trust in the process. Coaches will use consistent verbiage, encourage athletes to play without fear of making mistakes, and encourage them to ask questions in order to learn from the inevitable mistakes that do occur. This creates a trusting relationship between coach and player, allowing for constructive criticism throughout the learning process.

Exceptional effort is the absolute minimum each Kinkaid football player is expected to give in everything they do, every day! Athletes within the program will be encouraged to be the best students in the classroom and positive contributors to The Kinkaid School and surrounding communities. On the field, a positive environment, the infusion of self-confidence and consistent leadership will create a competitive environment where student athletes will learn to enjoy the struggle of becoming the best they can be each day. 


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Football Equipment & Dates

Middle School Football Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide shoulder pads, helmet, mouth guard,  practice jersey and game jersey.

7th Grade Parents will provide fully padded practice/game pants (white) and cleats (black).

8th Grade Parents will provide an "all in one" 5 padded girdle and a cleats (black). 

Upper School Football Equipment Needs

Kinkaid will provide shoulder pads, helmet, mouth guard, practice shirt and shorts, practice uniform, and game uniform.

Parents will provide "all in one" 5 padded girdle, cleats (black), and game socks (black crew). 

Start/End Dates for Middle School Football

Football camp August 5-7, 6-7:30 PM.

First football practice August 8, 8:30 AM.

Last game of 2016 season October 26, 2016.


Start/End Dates for Upper School Football

Team Unity Week July 25-28, 9-10:30 AM.

First Mandatory Practice August 4, 7:00 AM. (6:00 AM for those who have yet to receive their equipment).

Last Sub-varsity game October 20, 2016.

SPC Championship in Austin, TX, November 5, 2016.

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