Falcon Strength & Conditioning

The Kinkaid Strength & Conditioning program offers a positive, safe and competitive training environment where student athletes receive personalized instruction by certified strength and conditioning specialists.  Student athletes train year-round in the Friedkin Fitness Center and the Fontaine/Davenport Wrestling Center.  The state-of-the-art Athletic Performance Center, which features approximately 5,000 square feet of strength and conditioning space, is the training home to more than 500 athletes from 15 different sports.  The Fontaine/Davenport Wrestling Center offers a multi-purpose room for activities such as: dynamic warm-up/cool-down, upper/lower body plyometrics, core training, mat drills, yoga, karate and physical education classes. 


The Kinkaid Strength & Conditioning department promotes healthy lifestyle within the Falcon community. Healthy children make healthy adults; therefore, we encourage and disseminate scientific-based research to enhance overall health and fitness.


The goal of the Kinkaid Strength & Conditioning department is to provide a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that is safe and efficient for Kinkaid student athletes. The program consists of the following components: nutrition, mobility, energy system training, skill development, recovery and strength training. 



Click here for unbiased nutritional information provided by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, the worldwide authority on athletic performance and fitness. 

Warm Up/Cool Down
Click here for Lifting Specific Warm-up, Conditioning Specific Warm-up and Post-workout Cool-down.  Warm-up and Cool-down information provided by the National Strength & Conditioning Association.
Falcon Program

Please click on the links below provided by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and view the information on strength training and energy system development.

Falcon Strength & Conditioning Facilities

Kinkaid School Friedkin Fitness Center Fitness Equipment photo 1

Kinkaid School Friedkin Fitness Center Fitness Equipment photo 2

Kinkaid School Friedkin Fitness Center Fitness Equipment photo 3


The Friedkin Fitness Center is equipped with the following:

• 9' Custom Combo Power Racks (4)

• 6' x 8' Kinkaid Falcon Logo Olympic Platforms (4)

• 0 - 90˚ Lever Action Benches (8)

• 5 lb - 100 lb Ivanco Dumbbells

• 10lb - 45lb Diamond Rubber Bumper Plates

• Hack Squat/Inverted Leg Press

• Glute-Ham Benches (2)

• Smith Machine

• Hammer Ground Base Jammer

• Flex Performance Assorted Selectorized Machines (16)

• Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, and Rowing Ergometer

• Kettle Bells, Medicine/Swiss Balls

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